After The Flood

After The Flood

Ten-year-old Ash is an orphan, and she lives with the other orphans amongst the flooded ruins of a twenty-first century city, where they survive by diving for salvage in submerged buildings. On the mainland, the Church of Candles preaches against the 'magic' of their ancestors, the power of technology that nearly destroyed the world. 

But Ash is curious, and she knows things that she isn't supposed to know. She likes to ask people questions, especially Crazy Mi, a man who was born before the flood that destroyed the Old City. She's curious about the strange impregnable Wall in the flooded city, and who lives behind it. 

When a boy from the mainland comes to the flooded city, claiming that there are people living in the Wall and that they may have medicine to save his dying sister's life, Ash is eager to help him. She hopes to find answers to some of her questions, the things that Crazy Mi tells her are too dangerous to know... 

But Ash's well-meaning quest ends in tragedy. Six years later, apprenticed to an herb-woman on the mainland and renamed Asher according to the Church of Candles tradition, she is still scarred. And still searching for answers. Answers that, once found, will change her forever and threaten to destabilize the carefully maintained order of the Church of Candles.

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Miranda Dixon-Luinenburg,
Jun 11, 2012, 7:14 PM
Miranda Dixon-Luinenburg,
Jun 11, 2012, 7:20 PM