Important Information!

All crimes and court cases are fake. Our students were not at the scene of a real crime.

Our Recent Activities

    On October 26, 2016 Dixon's Media and Law Enforcement teams from their Constitution Club went to St. James Police Department to investigate and report on a fake crime scene. The crime was an assault and robbery case, which the Law Enforcement team (comprised of Emmalee Barnett, Nick Jordan, and Jon Shattuck) investigated. Our Media team (comprised of Chase Beardsley, EmiLee Best, Peyton Middleton, and Mackenzie Petersen) wrote a newspaper article and filmed a news report on the crime.
    On November 2, 2016, Dixon's entire team (Law Enforcement, Legal, and Media) will be going to the Houston Court House to run a court case on the crime. More details will follow with the completion of the case.