A native New Yorker, Rabbi Morgenstern attended Yeshiva Torah V’Daas, Mesivta Rabbeinu Chaim Berlin, and continued his studies in Israel at Yeshivas Torah Ohr, Kollel Brisk and Mir, where he received his smicha.

Rabbi Morgenstern has been active in Jewish education and outreach for over two decades and presently is the senior halacha teacher in EYAHT, Aish Hatorah’s College of Jewish Studies for Women. He also lectures internationally in high schools, girl’s seminaries and at Agudas Yisrael conventions in the U.S. and England.


He also does family counseling and lectures extensively in Israel and abroad on shalom bayis, chinuch habanim, family communication and dating, and has produced a popular tape series on these topics. His articles on these topics and Jewish hashkafa have appeared internationally in Jewish newspapers and magazines.

In addition, Rabbi Morgenstern is part of the Rabbinical Advisory Board of Project D.E.R.E.CH., Toronto.



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Listen to Rabbi Morgenstern’s practical lecture series on:

Dating & Shidduchim – “From the Shadchan to the Chuppa

Marriage – “Staying Happily Married” 

Child-Raising – “Children Are People Too” 

Family Communication

Personal Growth


     Listen to practical Torah advice and hear valuable insights that will guide you from the dating process to the chuppa, help you to build a successful marriage and a happy home, raise well-balanced children and enrich your life.


Topics include: 

Investigating a Shidduch 

Marriage Preparation

The Goals & Responsibilities of Marriage 

The Do’s & Don’ts of Criticizing & Quarrelling 

How to Communicate With Your Spouse & Children 

How to Motivate & Discipline Your Children

Can You Reason With Your Child?

Understanding Your Child’s Needs

Achieving a Harmonious Shabbos Table

Honoring Parents and Teachers

Coping With the Challenges of Life

Achieving a More Meaningful Rosh Hashana & Yom Kippur

…and many more vital topics on family relationships and personal growth


Now available in booklets:


The Ten Rules of Discipline and Punishment, The Difficult Child and The Davka Child

Achieving a Harmonious Shabbos Table and Pessach Seder

Remembering the Churban Beis Hamikdash

Honoring Parents – The Privilege and the Challenge


For more a complete list of titles, information on purchasing CDs and booklets or to schedule a lecture, contacts Rabbi Morgenstern at:


v 011- 972 - 8 - 974 -1229

v U.S. line: 952 - 236 - 4197

v Cell no. when in the U.S. or Canada: 952 -261-7606

v Mobile no. when in the UK : 07969-564-910

v cfmorgen@mosesnet.net

Website to order CDs: toras-chaim.org/