About the teacher

Ms. Ali deGuia-Bumgarner
Third Grade in the B Wing

Contact Information
Phone: 415.492.3730

Thinking of following my class on Twitter?  


Thinking of following me on Twitter?  


Every child deserves the right to succeed.  This has been my classroom philosophy for 20+ years.  Aside from being a teacher, I thoroughly enjoy learning about and teaching educational technology, playing volleyball, watching Giant's and Warrior's games, bike riding and taking pictures.  Come join us and let’s learn together!

How many people are given the opportunity to teach a subject that they are passionate about? 

My passion for computers and technology grew a few of years ago when I took an Apple Computer training class--now I am a technology enthusiast and cannot wait to try the newest thing.  I am a life long learner and am constantly trying to create, innovate and inspire.  Come visit our community of learners and let's have some fun!