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April 7th 1993, the following morning at Juhu residence it was heart throbing moment to watch a teen age girl... just the age of 19, the young legend dressed in bridal finary was  carried to the funeral pyre instead of her husband's home. It was no other than the Divya Bharti- the forgotten legend which the passage of time has slowly burried... perhaps all the fragile memories as even if about her existence.

Divya Bharti born on 25 Feb 1974, she was a volatile young girl who was set to topple the top heroines of Bollywood but fate played a cruel hand in taking her life away aged just 19, she had fallen from the window of her fifth floor at Tulsi apartments in Versova...

Divya had achieved so much in her short lifetime and carved a niche for herself in the Indian cinema. She was equally popular in the south as well and had given outstanding performances in movies that became superhits.

She had 14 films in hand without any release, Divya made her debut in Rajiv Rai's movie, Vishwatma. Although the movie was not a major hit, her dance number 'saat samundar paar' brought her into the limelight. She had worked with some of the top directors and banners, which brought about major blockbusters that made people appreciate her. Divya won the Filmfare award for the outstanding popular face in 1992. She was considered to be a hard working actress who also loved to play pranks.

She had converted to Islam and taken on the name 'Sana' to secretly marry Sajid Nadidawala in May 1992.

Divya was replaced in top class banner movies such as Laadla, Vijaypath, Andolan & Mohra that were left incomplete due to her untimely death. All these movies became superhits, which proves that she would have been the number one by now but I am sure she will always shine like a star wherever she may be.





Facts About Divya

Name: Divya Bharti
Date of Birth: February 25, 1974,
Height: 5' 4"
Weight: 52Kg
Relations:  Meeta (Mother),  Om Prakash,(Father)
            Kunal (Brother) & Step brother plus sister
Husband: Sajid Nadiadwala - Film Producer

Sajid stated the following facts about Divya
                  'Stardom had not gone to her head'
                  'was not a material girl'
                  'Romanticised death'
                  'Was very childish'
                  'Loved children'

Star Sign: Pisces
FilmFare Award: Fresh New Face of 92
Pets: Dog called Posti

Likes/Dislikes and Interests
Movie magazine (March 1992, p.85)

-I am Divya Bharati: The light of India.
-I was born on: 25th February, 1974.
-I am pucca Piscean: But there's nothing fishy about me.
-My height is: Tall enough.
-My weight is: Light enough.
-What turn me on: Mmmmusic.
-What turn me off: Hypocrites.
-My nightmare: The Press.
-My favorite Holiday spot: Karjat (India) and Interlaken (Switzerland).
-The Best gift I've received: Loads of love from everybody.
-My relationship with God: Father and Daughter.
-I'd love to dine with: Fido-Dido.
-Before going to Bed: I thank my stars for having such a super life.
-The person i'd love to know in history: Hitler.
-I smell nice: After a good Scrub.
-My craziest fans: My mom, dad and brother.
-What never leaves me: Bad publicity.
-My favorite film: Herbie Goes Bananas.
-My drawback: My temper and my outspokenness.
-My favorite accessory: A dainty earring, a chain and a very cute ring. Dont ask me who gave it to me.
-On a desert island i would: Go off to sleep till i get rescued.
-My favorite perfume: Boucheron, Listen and Treson.
-My favorite outfit: long flared skirts and T-shirts.
-The best thing in my cupboard: My collection of perfume.
-Diamond aren't a girl's best friend: My fave pal is my cho-chweet Pomeranian.
-My comical make up man and hairdresser: Sandhya & Chandu are funnier than any Laurel or Hardy.
-My hobby: Reading and dancing.
-Movie called me the hope of 1992: I'm just keeping my fingers crossed and hope I can live upto it.
-Something about myself: I'm misunderstood a lot by one and all but still I'm cute.

G magazine (March 1993, p.23)

-Birthday: February 25, 1974.
-Height: 5 feets 4-1/4 inches.
-Weight: 50kgs.
-Fair complexioned with light brown hair and hazel eyes.
-Younger brother name: Kunal.
-Father is a manager at the New India Insurance company.
-Completed her schooling at meneckji Cooper High School.
-Is fondly called Soni by dear and near ones.
-Basically an introvert by nature, it takes time for her to get friendly to people.
-Is a firm believer in God.
-Is very superstitious and believes in ghosts.
-Does n't believes in black magic.
-Like to sleep at 10pm and wake up at 6.00am.
-Often dreams of jumping off from a height.
-Does n't fuss over food, eat whatever is served to her.
-Does n't have an affinity for ornaments.
-Her mother in her idol.
-Hates parties and tries to avoid them.
-Prefers short conversation over the phone.
-Like to laze and spend her free time sleeping.
-Loves to holidays at Ooty and Kodaikanal, in India and Holland, abroad.
-Squash and badminton are her favorite sports.
-Favorite attire is the Salwar Kameez.
-Hates reading comics.
-Favorite writes are Sidney Sheldon and Danielle Steele.
-Zoya is her most favorite book.
-Doesn't like to wear make up when hot shooting.
-Loves the seasons of spring and autumn.
-Prefers male friends.
-Likes Indian as well as western music, but ghazals and old Hindi film hits are her favorite.
-Amongst Hollywood stars, Julie Robert, Patrick Smith, Richard Gere and Jennifer Gray are her idols.

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