Divorce is a problem that affects close to 50% of women and subsequently a large number of local children in the tri-county area.  It is estimated that 50% of first marriages will end in divorce and 60-70% of second marriages.  It is a problem that is not limited to a particular socio-economic class and the ramifications of a divorce not only affect the immediatre family but the extended family.  Future generations and current generations linked to the impacted family are also affected.

The ripple effect of a divorce has long term implications to the family, the community and our society.  Divorce is epidemic in modern society.  Divorces and Familly fragmentation cost $112 billion each year (Family Dynamics web-site).

Locally, 47% of women in Central Illinois are heads of households.  27% are single, 20% widowed, divorced or separated.  More than 75% of the poor in Illinois are women and children.

Divorcing women and their children face many challenges.  We are attempting to locate local resources and put them in a convenient format for women affected by divorce.  Women are people who build relations and network naturally.  If you are aware of a great site not listed, please contact me by e-mail, nancyjoanderson@gmail.com.
Knowledge is the power that can help to tame chaos.
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