About This Site

"Perspective" is the word that's often used when referring to the picture one sees from whatever angle or place he views   that picture.  "Perspective" is also a word used when referring to a way of thinking.  Then, too, "perspective" is a word that's often used when someone hopes to "put things in perspective".  All of these points about "perspective" were combined in the naming of this site.

You'll notice that I've given prominence to the subject of "Legal Abuse".  There are three reasons for that:

1)  Anyone considering divorce should be aware of what they may face once their case gets to court.

2)  Understanding how this kind of thing happens, and the toll it takes on those who've gone through it, may help friends/family members better understand, and be supportive of, their divorced friend/family member.

3)  If you pay close attention to what is said about people's response to the kind of treatment they get in court, you can see how there is something to be learned about people's response to this type of treatment, whether it occurs at the hands of the court system or not.  When it occurs in court there is, of course, the additional element that the court system has the power that it does in people's lives.  At the same time, if you listen to some of the example-scenarios given in the videos you'll probably recognize having run into similar situations (outside the court system) in your own life (or you may recognize that you have been guilty of the kind of behavior that's used in court as a way of discrediting, demeaning and/or diminishing the another person.  Why this extra point about the videos is relevant on this site is that the behavior used in the court system is, in fact, behavior that goes on in personal relationships.  The person getting over, considering, or planning divorce may pick up a few things in the videos that could be useful in one way or another, if for no reason other than to shed light on either a court experience or on personal relationships.

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The tabs across the top part of this page go to material that is factual and includes either information on one issue or another or else an account of events that took place in my personal life.  Click on a tab to get to an introductory page for any subject/category.  Hover on the tab to view the drop-down menu for additional material.

The titles shown down the side of this page are a matter of personal perspective/thoughts on one divorce-related issue or another.  They're not "just pulled out of thin air" by any means, but the material shown on the sidebar is not a matter of "just the facts please, and nothing but the facts".  I probably don't need to mention that clicking on a title is all that's necessary.