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September 2016

These are resources for the September 17, 2016 PBS Scratch Jr Code Camp in Edmond, Oklahoma, sponsored by The Div Jr (@thedivorg) and led by Shelly Fryer (@sfryer).

Table of Contents:

Introduction to PBS Scratch Jr.

Activity 1: Simple Animation

Activity 2: Moving Game

Download a finished example of this "Moving Game" to your tablet and open it in the PBS Scratch Jr. app. Then show it to students FIRST before showing the videos.


Activity 3: Story Project

Activity 4: Maze Game

This Maze Game requires 8 different characters which each have scripts. Click the image thumbnails below to view larger versions of each character or sprite:

More Scratch Jr. Resources

  1. Activities, lesson resources, and curriculum for Scratch Jr. are available on
  2. Other tutorial videos about using Scratch Jr are available in this YouTube playlist.
  3. Sam Patue (@sampatue) is the author of "Programming in the Primary Grades: Beyond the Hour of Code" and a great educator to follow for more ideas about using coding with elementary students.