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Applying Divine Truth to Our Daily Lives

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  • Practicing Abstinence:-
    Workshop or Rap Session for teens:  Answers the question "Why Abstain? 
  • Self-Help--The New Celibacy?
    Workshop for women:  Wades through the definitions of celibacy.  Negates the abridged or new version of celibacy and ends with practical steps to answer the call to be Holy.


  • A God Who Forgives:-
    This sermon deals with the question:  How do you forgive the unforgivable?  It is geared towards survivors of sexual abuse, , mental abuse spousal abuse and rape.

  • The Gift You Give Yourself:-
    Workshop derived from the above-mentioned sermon.  Features 7 steps towards forgiveness. 

Good Friday

  • The Adoption Theory or God's Divine Placement:-
    This sermon corresponds with the words: "Woman Behold Thy Son, Son Behold Thy Mother"
  • Uncommon, Even Unto Death:-
    This sermon corresponds with the words: "Father Into Thy Hands, I Commend My Spirit"


  • Been There, Done That!
  • What Limits You?
  • What's In a Name?
  • You Are Not an Accident! 


  • You Are Lovable!

Mental Health

  • Issues Life's Equalizer


Note:  All workshops includes booklet, workbook and memory verse cards and/or bookmarks.  (Optional Journal, also available)