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Incremental Stages

December 15 , 2007

ISBN 10: 0-9778103-2-1

ISBN 13: 978-0-9778103-2-1

Paperback: 64 pages
Dimensions: 6 x 9 inches

Print:  $10.00 



Incremental Stages: a wonderful journey of angst, love, faith, family and culture by Haitian descent, first time author and poet Karen Baker who is also known as and performs under the name of Ladeé Soul.


The title will be available online at Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble.com, Books-a-Million.com and you may also order it from your neighborhood bookstore by requesting it by name or ISBN number listed above.  Autographed copies of the title may also be ordered directly from the author (karen@divinetruthpress.com) or from the Publisher’s Website at: www.divinetruthpress.com.


*10% of all proceeds will be donated to Le Pont Des Enfants (The Bridge of Children) an Orphanage in Delmas, Haiti.
For more information about the orphanage



Love Quest: Looking for Love in Cyberspace


February , 2008
ISBN 13 - 978-0-9778103-1-4
ISBN 10 - 0-9778103-1-3
Paperback: 140 pages
Dimensions: 6 x 9 inches

Print:  $12.95 


Can Love Really Be Found in Cyber Space?

A look at cyber dating from the viewpoint of a thirty-something, African American, Christian Female.

This book introduces a world outside the parameters of day-to-day life that exists unbeknownst to most. It has its own language, rules and atmosphere. It offers a freedom that can be addictive, exhilarating or dangerous for the uninitiated.

This book is not an attempt to justify or endorse cyber dating, however it may be used as a reference. In the author's humorous style, it:

  • Introduces Internet lingo
  • Points out common and not so common pitfalls
  • Reviews several sites
  • Provides a comprehensive list of dating sites
  • Offers bonus introductory chapters of Age is Just a Number: Adventures in Online Dating - Volume I
  • A resource section for victims of abuse, rape or incest and sufferers of bipolar disorder. (They, too, inhabit the cyberworld).

Read an excerpt.

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