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Divine Truth Press is currently a one-woman show under the Inspiration of God.  The Name Divine Truth is a combination my name and that of my daughter's, respectively.  Diane meaning Divine and Alethea meaning Truth.

It's really funny, when I was about to name her I looked up the name for grace in Greek which is Althea.  I didn't quite like the sound of Althea so I softened it with an "e". 

Unbeknownst to me, just that small vowel changed the meaning of the name from grace to truth.  I didn't discover this until my daughter looked it up herself while in college then told me the meaning.  I had recently learned that my name meant Divine.  When I heard that her name meant truth, I marveled at how well the two meanings flowed together.

I resolved at that moment that that would be the name of the publishing company I knew I'd eventually start, but I had no idea it would be this soon.

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How It All Began...

The road to the establishment of Divine Truth Press innocently began as a result of an entry into the 2006 Lulu Blooker Award Competition.  Contestants were to create and publish a book based on the contents of their blog(s).  Since that was exactly why I'd begun to blog avidly, participation was a no brainer. 

It was also fortuitous that my editor had connections:-  Her siblings.  One is a graphic artist the other a layout artist.  I wheeled and dealed with the Thomson Three and we turned a blog into a blook, uploaded it to Lulu.com and mailed it off by the contest deadline of January 30th in a two week time frame.

That two week period was possibly one of the most exciting moments in my life and on January 18th I spent my day alternating between prayer, pride and weepy praise.  A dream twenty-four years in the making had been realized and the ease with which it was done fueled my resolution to keep the publishing torch burning.

Having formerly been a bookseller, I knew that Lulu's printing prices would not work for much more than sales to family, friends and coworkers.  The deep discounts needed for book stores, wholesalers and/or distributors would not be possible unless I went a step further in faith to create a Publishing Company.

As a publisher we now have access to Print-On-Demand printers who deal only with publishers, which has cut the production cost per unit by two-thirds.  Imagine that!  Two-thirds! 

So bookmark us and check back for details of our first publication: Age is Just a Number: Adventures in Online Dating as well as updates on our works-in-progress.

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Our Mission

What is our mission?  Well--not to help you find your purpose, Rick Warren has that covered.  Not to expand your boundaries, Bruce Wilkinson has that covered.  Not to have a heart like Jesus, Max Lucado has that covered.  So then what does that leave us? 

  • How about Women in Ministry: Called, Separated, Now What? or
  • How about the silent tormentors: Addictions, Date Rape, Incest and Mental Illness? or
  • Abstinence/Celibacy: Going Against the Grain of Today's Society or
  • Teenage issues like suicide, low self-esteem, abstinence

Our aim is to entertain, inform, caution, encourage as we search out and apply divine truth to the daily issues in our lives.

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