The Absolute - The All

Please use common sense. There are eight billion plus galaxies. Within each, there are an unknown number, probably billions, of stars. This is known creation.
The earth sits in the corner of one of these galaxies—the Milky Way. It is the height of folly and arrogance that any human being or religious institution would
have intimate knowledge and be able to identify and label the Creator
 of our known universe within their 'concrete-infallible' dogma and doctrine.

In fact, the dogmatic and doctrinal issue of “my god versus your god” has caused an unknown amount of suffering and bloodshed over the Millennia.


Divine Humanity acknowledges that the Creator, the Unknown-the Uncreated, cannot be identified or imagined in human terms, just in Absolute terms, as it is the Greatest Mystery of all Mysteries.


Divine Humanity uses the term God when referring to the Absolute, the All.


However, Divine Humanity is not referring to the concept of the Christian God—the Father, Son and the Holy Ghost, but to the Creator, the greatest Mystery of Mysteries, the Divine, the All, the Absolute, the Concealed and the Revealed, which is both immanent and transcendent and beyond human comprehension.


Thus God, the One and Oneness of all, the Mystery of Mystery’s, which is within us and that is outside of us, transcends our abilities even as divine human beings to comprehend the essence of what is the greatest mystery of all. God surpasses our dualistic view of reality and is neither male nor female but is the Mystery of all that there is. God is love not fear, both immanent, and transcendent.  

The Revealed


Each of us and all other things are not an image but a reflection, the Revealed, of God. A rose by any other name is still a rose just as God by any other name is still the greatest Mystery of mysteries. The Mystery is unexplainable and Concealed. But the reflection of God is known and is awesome in its simplicity, complexity and immensity—a beautiful collage of creations ranging from cedar trees, bumble bees and humans to stars, galaxies and black holes. This is total inclusiveness. This is the Absolute, as Revealed, which is within all Relative things of Creation. The universe is both One and Many--Unity in Multiplicity.