Welcome to the egalitarian religion and spiritual philosophy of Divine Humanity

“I cannot teach anybody anything; I can only make them think.” (Socrates)


Divine Humanity believes in equality. It does not believe in barriers or boundaries.
In statement of this, Divine Humanity cuts across and erases all aspects
of separatism and isolationism of class, national identity, race, and sex.
In the eyes of Divine Humanity there is only one race and that is the human race
whose divinity is its unity and its humanness is its diversity.
Divine Humanity (“Humanity” represents not only the human race but all things of creation) is a living spiritual philosophy and new consciousness. It is also a pure religion of the people, by the people and for all the people. Divine Humanity is a Religion of Philosophy and a living personal (not institutionalized) religion.


As a world philosophy of awe and a religion of equality and simplicity, it conveys a love for all forms of life and acknowledges everything in creation as divine as well as honoring its own unique intrinsic expression. Therefore, not only is every human being a divine human with an intrinsic human expression and the light, holy spark, of God (the Great Mystery) within them, but all trees have the divine spark within them and in their intrinsic expression may provide food and shelter for us and for other creatures of the earth.


Since each of us has the spark, the starlight of God, within us,

Divine Humanity believes in original divinity not original sin.


Divine Humanity is a personal religion and spiritual philosophy that is based on one's truth found within one's heart and mind. It is not based on faith, dogma or doctrine.

It is a green,  ecological and egalitarian philosophy and religion.

Divine Humanity recognizes the divine in nature

and the sacredness of all living things. 


Interpenetrative Radical Non-duality


Divine Humanity is based on interpenetrative radical non-duality

which was first revealed in the Bible

by Moses and his experience of the Burning Bush.  



The relative world of our everyday experience and the absolute world of the Divine are inseparable aspects of a single reality. The relative and absolute are non-dual.  There is no separation between the Absolute and the Relative, between dark and light, spirit and matter or between mind and body.


The body and the mind are non-dual. Spirit and Matter are non-dual. All interpenetrates.


The most profound and essential nature of things is not distinct from the things recognizable by our senses.  Our sacred self and our profane self are non-dual and interpenetrate; likewise all other sentient beings’ (things’) sacred identity and profane identity are non-dual and interpenetrate. This is true Oneness.


Rev. Dr. JC Husfelt, the Morning Star

Philosopher, Visionary, Mystic, Author and Poet