Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Why would I want / need a dating strategy?

Most people do what I call "dating by default", meaning they have no strategy or they have "rules".  Bottom line is, if your approach works for you, then you don't need this service.  The Divine Dating Diva strategy is to help people who are not getting the results they desire and want to try something different.

Question: What does the term "metaphysical concepts" mean?

Answer: The word metaphysical is a philosophical term that refers to the study of the nature of the human mind, the definition and meaning of existence, and the study of time, space and causality.  The Divine Dating Diva workshop will cover the concepts of soul mates, sacred agreements. past lives, the law of attraction, and energetic attachments.  Ellen will discuss using Vedic Astrology for mate selection. 

Question: What do you mean when you use the word Diva?

Answer: Diva is defined as a highly distinguished female singer, prima donna or a goddess.  We are using it in the divine feminine sense of the word.