Plight of the Gorgeous Gal

posted Dec 14, 2010, 6:42 PM by Ellen Mahloy
Some women feel jealousy and envy toward gorgeous females.  They see men fall all over themselves to talk to and be with these women and they feel disadvantaged. 

I am here to tell you that being super hot can be a romantic nightmare instead of a dream come true.  There are three major downsides to having a strikingly attractive appearance. 

First, some men target physically beautiful women as trophy girlfriends and wives.  A woman who will elicit the admiration, jealousy and envy of other men.  And they seek these gorgeous women with no regard for the consequences of becoming a couple with someone who they are not truly a good fit.

Second, some wonderful, yet insecure, men will never even approach a woman for a date who they think is out of their league (a man who might be a perfect fit for a women in every regard, with the exception of their level of physical attractiveness).

Third, some men hold mistaken beliefs about gorgeous women.  They believe they are not intelligent or are shallow or are looking to be taken care of or are only willing to date men who are super successful - famous, wealthy, awarded or acclaimed.

What does a gorgeous woman who does not want to be an unapproachable, misunderstood, heat seeking target do?  This may sound odd, but it works... wear glasses.  Dudes automatically associate glasses with a fault - poor eye sight - that therefore makes even a hot girl a little bit less attractive (unless you encounter one of the hot for teacher types).

Though many gorgeous women would rather go out blind than hide part of their beautiful face.  I know from experience that wearing glasses works like a charm.  It is the female version of Clark Kent, Superman's alter ego.  Superman is gorgeous and Clark is a bit unattractive due to his attire and because he wears glasses.

If you're gorgeous and the issues above are a serious problem for you, consider wearing little make up, flat shoes, putting your hair in a bun AND wearing glasses.  It will take a hottie from a 10 to a 7/8, and a 7/8 is the high end of the pretty enough range. 

If you're a woman who is not strikingly attractive, consider making over your appearance so that you land in the pretty enough zone, if need be.  If you have no idea how attractive you appear to men, ask some of your true blue guy friends for their honest opinion.

Food for thought.