Nervous Date Delimma

posted Apr 21, 2014, 12:54 PM by Ellen Mahloy   [ updated Jun 26, 2014, 8:32 AM ]
Most women faced with a highly nervous date make the best of the situation and never go out with the fella again.  Unfortunately, nervous guy might a really great fella but you wouldn't know it because he was so nervous.  It's hard to get to know a person when they're experiencing high anxiety.  They are simply not the best version of themselves.  They're thinking about their sweaty palms, what to say next, if you like them, what dumb thing they think they just said or did, and so forth. 

When I've been faced with this situation my solution is to immediately cancel whatever plans we had - dinner, movie, dancing, et cetera - and take them straight to a video game arcade.  Most highly nervous guys will perk up quickly when they discover we are going to play video games, even old fashioned ones.  The childish fun of playing arcade games puts my date at ease and changes the dynamic enough to for us to enjoy our time together and get to know one another.  Sometimes, I do not get to know much about my date on arcade game night.  However, the next time we go out he is more at ease and then I can begin to get to know him and determine if we have chemistry. 

Your homework assignment is to determine where your local arcade game, go kart and mini golf businesses are located.  Because luck is when preparedness meets opportunity.  This knowledge may save a date that would otherwise end poorly. 

Food for thought.