About Us

The Divine Dating Diva approach combines biology, psychology, metaphysics and business strategy to shift how people think about dating and help them re-conceive their process. 

We also offer date coaching sessions and lecture to men and women about effective dating strategies, skills and behaviors. The course creator is Ellen Mahloy, Founder of Reiki with Angels and Host of Psychic Say So Radio.  Ellen was a Partner at BE Healthy Expos, LLC - presenter of the Richmond Alternative Health Expo. 

The initial inspiration for Divine Dating Diva came after Ellen began date coaching friends in 2008.  The approach is traced back to Ellen’s mom Tressie.  When Ellen was 13 her mom sat her down and taught her about dating.  The conversation was fascinating, well timed and the information took.  When Ellen began dating at 15 she implemented her mother’s guidelines and they worked like a charm.  The strategy led to Ellen going on nice dates, receiving flowers, cards, class rings, declarations of love and the like.

Ellen dated over 200 men between the ages of 16 and 26 and dated intermittently from ages 26 to 31.  Ellen met her first husband at age 31, married at 33, divorced at 38, and began dating again at 39.  Dating again after 8 years offered Ellen the opportunity to integrate metaphysical concepts into her dating style.

Ellen's ideal soulmate Jeff swept her off her feet in 2009.  Her husband Jeff is a male panelist supporting this workshop.  Ellen and Jeff co-organize the Richmond Metaphysical Singles Group and share a life filled with love, laughter, friends and fun.