Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Divine Back Nine?

This "discount golf network" is designed with the purpose of creating accountability, encouragement, and personal growth among God-seeking people, with a focus on men. Many men find it difficult to consistently be a part of a church or small group because of their nature - but that doesn't mean that they don't want to become better husbands, better fathers, better men. The golf course provides a natural arena for men to build accountability, mentorship, or even just friendships that lead toward becoming more godly people. This group is not using golf as an excuse to "get away from God", but a tool to grow closer to Him.

What's the catch?

No catch. Just good, cheap golf. It even includes a cart. And no, you don't have to be attending a church in order to participate. You don't even need to be a Christian.

Are you going to make me sing "Kumbaya" and read the Bible? 

No way! "Kumbaya" is way outdated. It will probably be something a little more contemporary, like "His Eye is On the Sparrow". Ha! We aren't trying to force you to come to a certain church or to stop swearing.  But everyone is on a journey toward or away from God, and this group is meant to help people get closer to Him. For the "DBN Rounds" there may be quick prayer or a "one minute message" before teeing off, consisting of a short thought on a Bible verse that has application to our lives. Opportunities to go "deeper" may exist before and after golf in the clubhouse, but attendance is not required.

What is the cost?

First time is always free, and rounds average out to well less than $10 per 9 holes (with cart).  Memberships are available for people interested in regularly attending and are designed to make golf inexpensive, convenient and easily accessed. Click HERE to learn more.

Why is it so cheap?

We have negotiated a great rate with some generous golf courses to use the back nine holes at the first tee time in the morning. This, along with the help from our corporate partners (see links on this page), allow us to golf affordably, conveniently and regularly. 

Where/When do you play?

Currently we have access to Tamarack in Naperville, Whitetail Ridge GC in Yorkville, Mill Creek Golf Course in Geneva and in the winter we play at  Bogie's Indoor Golf in Oswego (get directions here). We are at these courses on certain weekdays, teeing off at some of the earliest tee-times in the morning.  We also have opportunities to golf at other times for discounted rates. 

What's the format?

A Standard outdoor "DBN Round" works like this: we'll run a shotgun start on the back nine promptly at 6AM (or sunrise or after a frost delay, whatever the case may be - check signup sheet for start time) and use the following rules:
  • Teams of 2, 3 or 4 play scramble style (each person hits a ball, then all players pick up their ball and play from the best shot, etc);
  • Use Modified Stableford scoring method, with teams scoring 0 points for a par, 2 for a birdie, 5 for an eagle and losing a point for bogie;
  • When you reach the green (not the fringe), your team gets a total of 4 putts and if you miss all of them, the second putt is conceded;
  • A bogie is the worst your team can do on hole;
  • We use a "moving tee" method. Start your round on the middle tees (at Tamarack, these are the blacks)
    • Make bogie, tee off from the forward tees on the next hole;
    • Make par, tee off from the middle tees on the next hole;
    • Make a nonconsecutive birdie, tee off from the backward tees on the next hole;
    • Make consecutive birdies or an eagle, tee off from the championship tees on the next hole;
  • Round must be finished in under 90 minutes; after 90 minutes, a bogie is taken on any remaining holes.

Are women or children allowed to play?

Membership is available to all people. The complimentary DBN Rounds are generally geared toward men (lots of spitting and crotch-grabbing, you know), but kids and women are welcome to participate in any rounds on the course. 

Is this a "church" thing?

This is not a ministry of a specific church, but it is Christ-centered. Mark Dwyer created this network out of a desire to connect guys together so they could encourage and challenge each other to reach their God-intended potential. If you aren't attending a church, please check out one of the churches represented in this golf group: Community Christian Church (multiple campuses), Naperville Presbyterian Church, Ginger Creek Church (Batavia), Life Church (Wheaton), Calvary Church (Naperville and West campus), Grace Pointe (Naperville and Plainfield) and St. Mary Immaculate Parish (Plainfield).  If you know of a church that would like to be a part of this, please give them the web address.

Can I make a donation?

Currently this Association is NOT a non-profit organization; it is more like a "missional business", existing formally as Mark Dwyer & Associates, Inc.  If you would like to make a donation or become a business sponsor, please contact Mark Dwyer for options (

Membership FAQ's

How many weeks are there until the end of October?

There are 26 weeks from May to October.  

When does my membership end?

Your membership ends when the golf courses stop letting people golf in 2010. By October, I may stop updating the website and setting up tee times, but you are welcome to use your spots (by then the golf course will know you by name) whenever the course is open.

What if rain, frost, vacation or some other issue prohibits me from playing?

On occasion there may be an outing at the golf course, or weather or some other factor (aerating greens, for example) that may cause your round to be canceled or delayed. In these cases, I'll do my best to provide you with another comparable round, but I can't guarantee it.  

What if I move or have a major change to my schedule?

At any time you can cancel or change your membership, and receive a prorated refund. 

This sounds great, but I can't pay all at once. Are there payment plans?

Yes, and these will be worked out on a case-by-case basis. Please don't let money be the reason you don't golf with us!

Do I have to go to church to join this group?

Not at all. In fact, this group was formed in part for people who don't go to church. This isn't about pounding people over the head with a Bible - it's about genuinely connecting people together to help them live the "full life" that God intended for us to live (John 10:10).

I want more golf. Can I purchase more 18-hole rounds?

Sure! Find Mark Dwyer and talk to him about what you'd like to do. I'm sure we can work something out.