FLEX Study

A Bible Study built for our hectic lives

How it works:
  1. For the next month, read a couple chapters of the New Testament every weekday (see schedule below).
  2. Post comments, ask questions, (using the form on the left below) and read what others have to say (on the spreadsheet on the right below).  Please don't feel pressured to comment - this is intended to be a non-threatening way to seek and learn about God.
  3. Keep the conversation going on the golf course, in small groups, at church, or wherever you see fellow participants.

Click on the passage below to read the Bible verses and related commentaries online*...
John 1-2
John 3-4
John 5-6
John 7-8
John 9-10
John 11-12
John 13-15
John 16-17
John 18-19
John 20-21
Acts 1-2
Acts 3-4
Acts 5-6
Acts 7-8
Acts 9-10
Acts 11-12
Acts 13-15
Galatians 1-2
Galatians 3-4
Galatians 5-6
*Commentary and other resources compliments of Alpine Church, UT. Click the "Read Online" link to view the Bible passages online.

If you can't view the spreadsheet below, try using a different browser (Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, etc).  Different operating systems, browsers, or network configurations (ie, firewalls) may cause you to not be able to view a Google Doc. If you want to be sure you can view it, set up a Google Account and I'll add you as a collaborator to the file (sounds tricky, but it's worth the effort in my opinion).

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