Increasing retirement income with high-yield dividend strategies


On Jan. 1, 2012, we set aside just under $120,000 (119,865 to be precise) to invest. Our intent was to select income-producing equities with the potential of producing 8% or more in income and 8% or more in growth.   With a lot of luck, we exceeded both goals.   For calendar year 2012, we earned $12,763 in dividend income for an annual return of 10.65% and 27% above our goal of $10,007. In addition, our principal grew to $136,410 a 13.8% growth. We took $12,311 of our income, leaving $124,099 in principal to begin 2013. The fun part is what we've been learning!

For dividend detail click here: 2012 Summary

Some Background


    What is the best investment strategy?
    With a few years of retirement -- and more than a couple of years of rough seas with growth stocks -- behind us, we found ourselves asking that question during the last few months of 2011. 
    We reviewed our investment strategy, read as much as we could find on income investing, and then remapped our portfolio to pursue high-yield dividend income.    Read More ...

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YTD Scorecard

To date as of EOM 12/31
Beginning Bal. 124099


2012 2013 Annualized
Dividends $12,763.05 $12,841.64 10.35%
Yield 10.65% 10.35%
Growth $16,544.19 $32,901.00
Growth % 13.80% 26.51%
EOM Value $124,098.60 $158,000.00
Withdrawals -$12,311.00 -$5,310.00
Total Return 24.5% 36.9%

Dividend Calendar

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