Dive Site Conditions

Languages supported:
  Danish, Japanese, German, Thai, Chinese, Dutch, English, Korean, French, Spanish 

Android app on Google Play

After installation, select a dive area and tap Set area. All the divesites for this area will be downloaded.

Download site maps: the site maps are downloaded and stored on the SDcard. If a map is not available and you have a good map, please email it to divesitesapp at gmail.com

Download fish database: this will take a while, depending on your connection speed. The fish database is stored on the SDcard.

Clear depth map: the depthmap is stored on the SDcard for offline viewing. This option creates or clears the map. Time needed to clear the map depends on the size and can take a while.

Press the menu button to request an unlisted area or switch to imperial units.
Note: imperial units are conversions from metric values. All import/export files use metric values!