Summer Solstice 2011

The AIA Seattle Diversity Roundtable thanks ALL who take part
The 14th Annual Summer Solstice/Juneteenth Celebration/Scholarship Benefit
Friday June 17, 2011, at the offices of Miller Hull  
*AIA Whitney Young Award 2011 recipient Dr. Sharon Egretta Sutton reading from her latest book The Paradox of Urban Space: Inequality & Transformation in Marginalized Communities, interviewed by Victoria Kaplan (pictured at left)
*Introduction of 2011 Marga Rose Hancock Diversity Scholar Jay Ranaweera (pictured below), currently studying in Brasilia
*SCHOLARSHIP FUNDS RAISED totalling $2,000+ to Sharon Egretta Sutton Endowed Architecture Fellowship, Marga Rose Hancock Diversity Scholarship, & Denice Hunt Internship
*Presence of 5 of 25 previous recipients (listed below) of support for their UW BE studies from the Denice Hunt Internship & MRH Diversity Scholarship: Tracey Brown, Mary Fialko, Rico Quirindongo, Jennifer Richter, Greg Squires (greetings from Kristin Kildall, Charla Lemoine, AJ Taaca)

*Presence of 3 of 5 Roundtable alumni/ae w/ service as AIA Seattl
e President: Rena Klein, Rico Quirindongo, Jim Suehiro (present in spirit: Steve Arai, Denice Johnson Hunt)
*Presence of Diversity Roundtable founder David Fukui
*Diversity Roundtable history (attached) prepared by
Donald King
*Roundtable alumnus Rich Mitchell running for election to King County Council
*Heritage feast provided by Roundtable hosts

Tuesday June 21 SOLSTICE 2011 at Lowell's in the Market: Diversity Roundtable veterans M. Mario Campos, David Fukui, Marga Rose Hancock, Johnpaul Jones, Donald King consider the past and the future of diversity in the architecture profession, w/ current chair Doug Jennings.


Celebrating & supporting diversity, sharing a heritage feast & toasting honored guests:

Dr. Sharon Egretta Sutton FAIA, 2011 recipient of the AIA's Whitney Young Award, & her new book The Paradox of Urban Space: Inequality & Transformation in Marginalized Communities (ed. Sharon E. Sutton & Susan P. Kemp)
Jay Ranaweera, 2011-12 recipient of the Marga Rose Hancock Scholarship for Diversity at UW Department of Architecture
Marga Rose Hancock Diversity Scholars: Jay Ranaweera, AJ Taaca, Jennifer Richter, Charla Lemoine, Andre Taybron, Tracey Brown, Jonathan Hernandez, Alix Henry, Ray Villanueva, Arielle Farina Clark, Yong Sun Lee, Yamani Hernandez, Frank Brescia, Maria Tran Do, Youngmin Han, Maurice Diaz, Natalia Echeverri, Rico Quirindongo, Vincent Gonzales, Uyvu Nguyen
Denice Johnson Hunt Interns: Mary Fialko, David Minnery, Melanie Lyons, Gregory Squires, Yamani Hernandez, Kristin Kildall, Craig Skipton

Free to attend, RSVP
Contributions requested to advance the Marga Rose Hancock Diversity Scholarship, the Denice Hunt Internship, & the Sharon Egretta Sutton Endowed Architecture Fellowship.  Please bring cash or check, &/or donate online.
previous recipients of support from two funds endowed by the Diversity Roundtable to benefit UW College of Built Environments students

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Marga Rose Hancock,
Jun 20, 2011, 11:38 AM
Marga Rose Hancock,
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