Comment Policy

Guidelines for Commenting, adapted (with their permission) from the blog Racialicious:

Comments that violate the following guidelines may be deleted.

1. Don’t make violent threats, use racial/ethnic/anti-gay slurs, belittling/condescending terms like “white boy", etc.

2. Please keep your comments on track with the topic of the post.

3. Don’t make personal attacks. If you don’t have the skills to win an argument without resorting to name calling, you should move on and call it a day.

4. Don’t respond to trolls. If someone is clearly posting a comment with the intention of starting a cyber fight, or posting false, nonsense such as “blacks are ruder, louder, and more inconsiderate of others than whites”, give them the attention they deserve... none.

5. Let’s try to avoid drawn-out arguments and fights. Once a thread descends into point-by-point refutations, the original focus of the post often gets lost.

6. Let’s try not to play the “who has it worse/who is the most” game. Arguing over who has it worse off or who’s more racist is rather pointless.

7. Try to avoid using generalizations that attribute characteristics to entire ethnic/racial groups, political parties/ideologies, etc. Using terms like “some” or talking specifically about your own experiences helps to reduce the likelihood that you’re stereotyping an entire group.

8. Don’t dismiss the views of others by telling them that they’re too sensitive, they need to “get a life,” or that they need to stop playing the “race card.” We welcome disagreements here at Progressive Soup, but make an intelligent case for your viewpoint.

9. If you are a “one comment pony” using variations on the same theme, we reserve the right to ban you. If all of your comments are a variation of “that’s because white people hate black people” or “you need to stop generalizing white people,” it is generally not productive and only serves to stir up animosity.

10. Any ridiculously off-topic comments will be deleted. The same goes for those who insist on continuing debates that have reached the dead end stage.

If your comment is deleted, please do not post a comment complaining that someone else said the exact same thing and they got through. Someone posting a well thought out comment about how the legacy of slavery has influenced the perceptions of minorities in America is not the same as saying “(insert ethnic group here) suck”.