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Shoulda, Woulda, coulda
Pam Willis-Hovey

Johanna has it all figured out: she's close to finishing college, has a pretty good job in her field, a supportive family, and a plan for making it all happen. Best of all, she's rid of the latest in her series of bad boyfriends...

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So Great A Love
Wanda Davis Grimes

This is the story of God's love shown in vivid color through the life of Wanda.  Get your copy read it and share it with family and friends, of this faith filled true life story of Jesus, lived out in family, hope, promise, tragedy, triumph, the kind of things each of us faces.  If God is there for her, he will be there for me.  Because of Cerebral Palsy, Wanda was handed extra challenges, yet, she has written a book, started several ministries, served as a pink lady at Columbus Regional, and today when her van allows, she is at the Muscogee County Jail, sharing her personal testimony with others.

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