Diversified Printing began in 1969 by Joe E. Wheeler, to meet the needs of local businesses for personalized products and services. 
     One such product was to the Savings and Loan Industry.  During the 70's passbooks were available to everyone who opened a savings account.  These passbooks were made from front to finish.
     Another product they were very proud of was the Officers Wives Cookbooks at Ft. Benning, Ft. Gordon and the Air Force Academy.  The Springer Theater also proved to be a unique opportunity, they manufactured multi-colored posters for every show.  Local businesses were proud to support the Springer by placing a placard in there window. Pacelli High School proved to be another great fit for there services, football games were better with programs and they grave great detail in production of weekly games.  
     Today, this second generation business offers the same remedy to complicated projects.  They serve companies such as Pratt Whittney, Golden Donuts, City of Columbus, North Highland Church, Verge Church, Deorio's Pizza and many more. 

     On a more personal note:  After High School Graduation from Pacelli, owner Brad Wheeler enrolled at Columbus College, and met Kent Mathis in a Physical Ed Class.  Kent had a profound impact on his life.  He shared the love of Jesus with him.  A few months later while in Kansas City at a large Campus Crusade for Christ event, KC83,  Dr. Howard Hendricks was preaching and innovation to receive eternal life. Brad went forward and made that life altering commitment. 
     After returning home, Brad soon felt a call into ministry.  He helped start a bible club with the help of Rice Brooks (God's Not Dead) who was with Maranath Ministries at Auburn at that time.  Later he joined the BSU and served on student staff.  Feeling a greater calling, Brad enrolled in Southeastern College and majored in Bible.  Earning his ministerial licence Brad joined the staff at Edgewood Assembly of God.  
     After the birth of his son a number of years later God began to prepare him for a new direction.  In 1995 while still working in the family business, Brad was faced with a decision to leave the business or stay. Needing direction Brad sought out the guidance of Pastor Brunson.  "God needs Christian printers" pastor said,  and the decision was made to make the family business the priority.  Several months later Brad's father was diagnosed with cancer and would survive about 10 months.  
     Once again, faced with the decision to leave the business or stay he chose to go for it.  In 1998 he purchased the business from his family.  It was the right decision and Brad credits any of his success with his devotion to his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Brad and Donna are members at Evangel Temple in Columbus, Georgia.  

May 1, 2017
The Lord is good and is greatly to be praised.  A fresh wind is blowing across the land. The time is now to seek HIM while HE may be found. The refreshing of the Holy Spirit awaits you and me.  

Brad and Donna Wheeler, Owners