DIVERSITY In Unity in 3d!
Program for libraries, schools, scouts and clubs for all ages.
Karl M, Kindt III
Instructor at Webster University and Southwestern Illinois College
314 308 7075

This program uses state of the art technology to present and celebrate the diversity of cultures and ethnic heritages in America in 3d and gigapan images while upholding America's motto E Pluribus Unum - Out of the Many, One.

Aspects of the Program:

1. We choose various cultural/geographic backdrops and then have the participants choose which background they wish for their photographic background and the photograph taken is a 3d photograph.  Libraries have numerous books with photos of places that we will use as backgrounds from which you can choose.  Each person receives a special pair of 3d diversity glasses!!

2. We then explore the diversity of our gathering by using amazing zoomable gigapan images of places around the world.  Some of the images as examples are provided by the links below - use these links to zoom in upon our diverse heritage from around the world.  During the program participants say "take us to Nigeria or take us to Scotland or take us to Egypt, etc." and amazingly we zoom out through the world wide web to images of these places and zoom in upon the great detail in these images of culture and place from which we all have emigrated to this land of the free and home of the brave.

At the end of the program, for those who wish, a group gigapan image will be taken by a photographic robot as each holds up an open a library photo book to a page where their cultural/ethnic background is displayed or holds up an object of their culture.  This is a zoomable image so that after it is posted on this website everyone can zoom in upon this unique nation where all are welcome who wish to be a part of E Pluribus Unum!

Here are a very few example gigapan images but there are thousands to choose from and those present get to choose where we travel in the world to our historic pasts and places from which we come.

Program is conducted by Karl M. Kindt III, Instructor at Webster University and Southwestern Illinois College.