About Dive911

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What is Dive911.com?

         Dive911.com is the premier Public Safety Dive training group in the South East.  Dive911.com brings the most experience and the most innovative training to your team.  Dive911.com is your one source stop for your Public Safety Dive team training and knowledge base.  From stage one all the way to continuing education; Dive911.com is the right choice for your team.

What does Dive911.com offer?

          Dive911.com is a full service Public Safety Dive instruction organization.  From basic scuba open water certification to Public Safety Diving instructors, they can teach it all.  Dive911.com works with you to determine your team needs and expectations.  Being able to take your team through the whole process gives Dive911.com the advantage.  You build a lasting relationship with your instructor.  You learn the right way the first time.

What Does Dive911.com do?

            Dive911.com, the premier Public Safety Dive training group, brings the best training to you.  The instructors come to your location and teach your team with a proven system that works.  From the first introduction you can tell the Dive911.com team has the experience, the research, the knowledge,  and the techniques to take your team to the next level and beyond.  Presented in such a way the information is understandable and comprehensive manner. 

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Dive 911.COM

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