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Hi, my name is Jerry Symons

"Isn't it a great day to think about going skin and SCUBA diving?" Welcome to my home page.  SCUBA Diving is a very exciting sport. I was the Iowa State University SCUBA Instructor for 42 years.  I am at my very best when I can share my diving experiences or adventures with my students and fellow divers.

Photo by James Cornette 5/11/99

Jerry taking a picture of a fish 

Over the years I have found myself in some very strange waters: some I couldn't see my hand if front of my face (thats our beautiful Iowa lakes for you): earlier in Grand Cayman 200' plus visibility, once (on a night dive in 60' of water) we shut off the lights and could see the bright comforting moon shine at the bottom: A torrid dive site named the "washing machine" sent our bodies and equipment tumbling everywhere: sharks, sharks, sharks everywhere - what a thrill - Jon was 10 years old and only wanted to know when we were going there again. Great memories that have given me a life time of great and wonderful memories. I have fond memories of many of my student

Photo by Gloria Symons
Dinner with Jerry and Jean-Michael Cousteau

 Just this summer, I had a student call... "Hi Jerry, I had your class in 1973 and lost my card how do I replace it?"  Great, wonderful students and friends. I can't begin to express my appreciation to my "TA's".  What a wonderful collection of individuals.  I wish I could have a do over and get to dive with them all again.  I can't begin to express my thanks to a job well done.

Photo by Paul Woodbury
Jerry aboard the U/W habitat Aquarius May 4, 2001 

Rebreathing Course in Grand Cayman

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