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These web pages feature VIDEOS of Robin Strasser as Dorian Lord. Other video clips can be found  at The Visual Arts Gallery ( for Clint and Dorian fans) and youtube.com.  A special thank you to fans who have allowed use of video clips on this site.


The Best in Soaps 2010
  TOP 25 Best Soap Moments of 2010
Strasser earned an Emmy pre-nomination and submitted scenes from the 8.24.10 episode.
The Best in Soaps 2009
SOURCE: TV Guide Online
by Michael Logan
December 15, 2009 02:34 PM EST

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Best Actress: Robin Strasser
It was tempting to detest her shameless One Life to Live character, Dorian Lord, who pretended to be Buddhist in order to snag a wealthy heir, then faked being lesbian to win the gay vote in the Llanview mayor’s race. But the timeless Strasser—who joined OLTL 30 years ago—magically made us laugh and care and, yes, even forgive. No one in soaps performs with such pride and passion. 
To view TOP fan selections, go here: TOP PICKS - 2009  Robin Strasser's Emmy Acceptance Speech has been added to the Tribute pages. 
SOURCE:  We Love SoapsWeLoveSoapsTV
50 Greatest Soap Opera Actresses of All Time
Friday, February 05, 2010 Posted by We Love Soaps
Damon L. Jacobs:
   It is much a testament to Strasser's hard work and commitment that her indelible fingerprints remain on ONE LIFE TO LIVE, and in our own lives.  She has generously and abundantly dug from her own psyche in order to bring forth life her vivid, complicated, and resilient portrayal of Dorian.  In my mind, there is no greater feat of a true artist than to use her talent to transform, inspire, and change the world around her. Robin Strasser has been doing this on daytime television for over 40 years now.  And believe me, she isn't anywhere close to being done!
Connie Passalacqua Hayman (Marlena De Lacroix): Strasser, (the original Rachel on ANOTHER WORLD and the definitive Dorian on ONE LIFE TO LIVE) is a contradictory and unique mix of villain and vulnerability that has made her the most watchable actress on soaps for the last 40 years. She has been totally alive, and fascinating in every single scene!

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Not long ago a We Love Soaps panel of 14 professionals from the soap field selected Robin Strasser as #5 amongst all actresses in some 70 years of Soap Operas. Next, hundreds of fans compiled their lists and submitted them to the We Love Soaps website. Robin again ranked #5! Robin Strasser ROCKS! 

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Here and Now Campaign - Fan campaign for a romantic love interest for Dorian.         


Cramer Chronicles: Baby Switch

 Cramer Chronicles: Baby Switch  

YouTube Video

A Cramer baby is switched with a Lord baby at Llanview Hospital. One baby lives. The other dies.

Dorian and Mel: A Love Story

Dorian and Mel: A Love Story           Dorian and Mel: A Love Story 2                    
Play All     
Dorian and Mel: A Love Story 2
This playlist features the love story of journalist Mel Hayes and Llanview doctor and socialite Dorian Cramer Lord.                                      
Dorian's strong reaction to Todd gaining custody of Starr caused Mel and soon members of her family to question if her reaction was related to something from her childhood. Soon, against Dorian's wishes, Mel and her loved ones began digging into her past and unearthing secrets surrounding the time in which Dorian's sister, Melinda, was injured in a riding accident and Dorian's parents were supposedly killed in a plane crash. This saga picks up at the point where Dorian has finally decided to go to Canton and the events that follow....
78 videos     Dorian has an antagonistic history with Mitch Laurence. The first part of this series involves Dorian interviewing Mitch behind bars at Statesville. He has been sentenced for murdering Harry O'Neill; he eventually is released. He is murdered. Dorian is tried, convicted and sentenced to Stateville for his murder.
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Play All    This playlist will follow the story of Dorian Cramer Lord Buchanan and Ray Montez.
112 videos 
Dorian Lord and Viki Banks battle it out to be elected as mayor of Llanview!
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Dorian Saves the Free World on Devil's Claw Island - Circa. 1986 Worried about her boyfriend Jon Russell, who is on Devil's Claw Island, Dorian finds out his top secret location and goes there to save him from his dangerous assignment to retrieve a stolen microfilm with anti-missile plans so that it would not get into the hands of terrorists. Also, Tina and Cord are on a honeymoon and the island is said to have buried treasures.

user posted imageBuchanan Takeover - Clint Buchanan cheats on his girlfriend, Dorian Lord, with Nora Hanen. She then sleeps with her ex-beau David Vickers. Clint dumps her. Dorian sees Buchanan Enterprises is weakened at the death of the CEO Asa Buchanan and goes after Buchanan Enterprises, which is now run by Asa's son Clint. She wins the company, loses it. She finds out that her ex-beau, David Vickers is supposedly Asa's son and she sets her sights on marrying him. Along the way, Dorian not only pursues her ambition to reclaim BE but she discovers she has fallen in love again with David. David is now a Buddhist monk. Dorian gives up her worldly possessions to convince him to marry her. The two of them marry. David finds out he is not Asa's son, but instead Asa's grandson. Asa's son, Bo, is David's father. How will this affect Dorian's plans to fight for Buchanan Enterprises. Will she keep David in her fight for the company? Or, will she lose it all?
Pursuit of a Stalker, Part 2 Pursuit of a Stalker - Dorian is a huge TV personality, who has more enemies than friends. One of them from her past is a terrorist by the name of Paul Kendall, who blames Dorian for nearly getting killed during a revolution in San Carlos. Dorian has hired a bodyguard, Jon Russell, who becomes romantically interested in Dorian. Dorian's ex-husba
nd, Herb Callison, is running for re-election to the DA's office. Both men are interested in protecting her but it's tough going when it comes to Dorian.
Dorian and David: The Unwedding
David jilts Dorian at the altar because his brother Spencer is threatening to expose a murder David believes he committed as a teen. David doesn't tell Dorian about the crime; instead he leaves her heartbroken. (circa November, 2005)

YouTube Video

Dorian and Mitch: When the World Comes Down
The Mayor and the Mitch
Dorian Cramer Lord and Mitch Laurence have an extensive history that includes marriage and a few murder attempts. Dorian thought she'd killed him but now he's back and she's mayor. Visit the Harry's Dead playlist and the Murder of Mitch Laurence playlist that are available on the cdht1962 channel.
Cramer Women: Remember the Family1Cramer Women: Remember the Family
Mitch Laurence has threatened Dorian's family. Kelly, Cassie and Adriana return to Llanview.
Dorian & JoeDorian & Joe
This playlist features the romance of Dorian Lord and Joe Buchanan.
This playlist features clips beginning with Dorian revealing the truth about the abuse Viki suffered as a child at the hands of her father. And they will follow the story through Dorian's eventual release from captivity when she agrees to Jean Randolph's terms.
user posted image Dorian and Clint: The Diva and Cowboy
Dorian and Clint first met in the 70s when Clint came to town. They had a brief affair before Clint got involved and later married Dorian's nemesis Victoria Lord. There have been many battles and animosities forged between Dorian and members of Viki's family in addition to the Buchanan clan. This playlist picks up on Dorian and Clint's relationship in 2005 after Dorian was jilted at the altar.  
The Dorian and Clint story continues.
Dorian and Herb are divorced but the ex-marrieds maintain a connection that makes their relationship intriguing. Dorian is engaged to Jon Russell, whose sister Judith is dating Herb. 
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Dorian and Langston's Story    Dorian Lord discovers Starr's best friend Langston is parentless and moves her into LaBoulaie.   
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