Mallory giving a speech in Arkansas
Mal presenting at a conference in Mystic CT

Mallory has grown up in the world of healthcare and advocacy, and after working on a state and national level, she has gained experience in many aspects of Youth Empowerment, Transition, and Maternal Child Health issues.  Some of her past presentations include

  • Youth Empowerment in Transition- Lessons learned from someone who has been there
  • Healthcare transition:  How to make it easier for youth, families, and providers
  • Healthcare policy-  What's going on at the "higher level," what is the Affordable Care Act (ACA) all about, and how can youth be a part of the change?
  • Transition in Education/IEPs-  Student centered planning to achieve success
  • Transition- It's a Journey, not a to-do List- Transitioning "in the system" can be overwhelming.  what can you do to get through the day to day and make sure you are living life to the fullest.
  • Social Networking-  Should we use it?  How can young people take the lead for your organization...
  • Successful Transition:  It Can Happen, What Does it Take? - Mal tells her story of transitioning to a new city, finding new healthcare, managing a relationship and everything in between.  Resources are shared as well as advice for parents, and providers and how they can support in the process.
  • Mal has also worked with many states, providing technical assistance around creating and sustaining Youth Advisory Councils (YACs) (she began as a YAC member over 10 years ago!) and assisting to create or review materials with a youth perspective.

  • Recorded and archived transition themed webinars, for youth, parents, and providers

Any presentation or consultation would be custom designed to meet your needs, and planned with your goals in mind!  Don't be afraid to think outside the box!

"Mal for President!!!"
-Youth workshop participant

To discuss a booking, get in touch with Mallory directly at:      or  call (207) 576-1980

Consulting fees vary per event, in addition to provided travel and lodging expenses.