Click the link to see an example of a Mal key note presentation from the Oregon State Transition Conference-  February, 2011!

What people are saying around the country:

"It's so great to hear from someone who GETS IT!"

-Youth Participant, Maine Transition Conference

“Bringing Mal to Kansas to work with our family and youth advisory councils was great! Her excitement and passion for her work is so inspiring and really helped our youth and families become excited about advocacy and transition.”

- Project Coordinator, Systems in Sync, Kansas Department of Health and Environment

“Mallory has rare gifts - she is a natural teacher, presenter and change agent. With humor, leadership skills and interactive style, she connects with audiences no matter how small or large. She is one of those few speakers, people remember for a long time after an event. Her message stays with you and invites you to do new things! I have had the pleasure to co-present with her on numerous occasions nationwide; face to face as well as via technology 1,500 miles away (and the audience raved about her!) If you are looking for a speaker who can engage the audience, who has a clear message and is very flexible - and you are wanting to shake things up - than Mallory is perfect for you"

- Co- Director, Healthy & Ready to Work (HRTW) National Resource Center

"For the second year, Mallory engaged families, youth and professionals during Family TIES Second Youth Transition Summit (Youth Transition Jamboree) in Nevada.  Mallory's honest, straightforward and charming way she shares her life experiences - both challenges and opportunities, fosters hope and enthusiasm among youth with disabilities and special healthcare needs.  As a national leader she clearly demonstrates that positive transition outcomes are possible.  Mallory is an inspiration to all. According to one of our conference participants, "Mallory Cyr was Awesome!!!" 

-Executive Director-  Family TIES of Nevada

- youth participant, keynote presentation

"Mallory always brought fresh ideas and personal experience to the table. I considered her contributions critical to the success of the work we created. She would be a wonderful asset to any group working to ensure successful transition for all youth and young adults." 
- Assistant-Director, Syntiro, Readfield Maine

"Mallory possesses the unique ability to connect with her audience and communicate new information in a way the people will not only understand, but remember for a long time!"

- Development Director, Next Step Fund, Cambridge, Mass.