Size doesn't matter.... so dream BIG!!!

           Mallory speaking at a launch event about making the MBTA more accessible    

            Mal and Owen at the Developmental Disability Policy Conference in Washington DC

Since 2007, I have done advocacy work mostly on the topics of Healthcare Transition on both a state and national level.  As I continue to grow, and learn, I realize health is important, but for me what has gotten to where I am is really living my life to the fullest. 
In 2012, I took the plunge and moved to the city of Boston with my boyfriend, despite all of our medical challenges!  It has been an amazing epic example of what is possible for transition.

 It hasn't always been easy, and sometimes you do have to ride out those periods and take care of YOU.  Those times are just part of the journey.  It's about remembering what gets you through the day.  What are your goals? What do YOU want your life to look like?  No matter what hand you've been dealt, you can DREAM BIG.

I am striving to create leadership, self advocacy  and empowerment among youth with special health needs and disabilities. Every young person deserves to live a life that makes them feel fulfilled.  We may have our differences, but we all can have our dreams!

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