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Diva Cowboy Gallery

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 Broadband needed, unless dial-up indicated. 

Video images of Robin Strasser/Dorian Lord & Jerry verDorn/Clint Buchanan

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Dorian and Clint Video Clips

4.06, Dorian and Clint flirt.
Run time: 1:01 Vacation 

 6.06 Carolyn Hinsey, Soap Opera Weekly Editor, calls Dorian and Clint a HIT on SoapNet's SoapTalk. 

Run time: 45 sec. 

Hit!  Broadband version

Hit!  Dial-up version

For more Dorian and Clint videos, visit theVideo Library at www.robinstrasser.com
"Part 1: Falling in Love"

user posted image 
Clint tells Dorian he is falling in love with her and doesn't want her to change. It's the fire within her that makes him want to love her.

Part 1: Falling in Love-Broadband
Run time: 5:11

DnC40.jpg Prelude to a Kiss, expanded version
Run time: 4:58

Prelude to a Kiss-Broadband

 "Sooner or Later" music video

was created on 4.06 by Christy, aka RSRocks.

Dorian pursues Clint. "Sooner or Later" is sung by Madonna. Music and lyrics are by Stephen Sondheim. Run time: 3:20 Sooner or Later  

Jerry and Robin at the Pre-Emmy Show

user posted image

4.28.06 Linda Dano interviews Robin and Jerry on the Red Carpet for a SoapNet pre-show as they arrive for the Emmys. Run time: 1:32

Pre-Emmy Show  Broadband

Pre-Emmy Show  Dial-up version 

Clint and Dorian Kiss

6.30.06 Clint visits Dorian and they share an unexpected kiss. Run time: 1:06    

Kiss  Broadband version

Kiss  Dial-up version

YouTube Video

 Strasser and verDorn on The View
Robin and Jerry appear on The View's One Life to Live Tribute on 1.13.12.

YouTube Video


"The Cowboy in Me"
  "The Nearness of You" music video
was created on 12.19.06 by cher62 as a holiday gift for devoted Diva and Cowboy fans.
user posted imageThis is one of my favorite songs. It was recently recorded by singer Norah Jones.  "The Nearness of You" was originally written by Ned Jones and Hoagy Carmichael for the movie "Romance In The Dark". It was recorded by Hoagy Carmichael in 1937. I thought it to be the perfect song for Dorian Lord and Clint Buchanan. Run time: 3:14 The Nearness of You-Broadband The Nearness of You-Dial Up
"I Try" music videouser posted image

for Diva and Cowboy fans in celebration of the approaching one year anniversary of the DiCo board. "I Try" is a song by soul singer Macy Gray on her 1999 album release, "On How Life Is" from the Mushroom label. Clint tries to say good-bye to Dorian but their natural tendency is to be together. The heart wants what it wants.  Try-Broadband     Try-Dial Up Run time: 3:30

YouTube Video

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Dorian Video Clips

4.06, Dorian gives Tess a smackdown!  Run time:  44 sec.

Tess Smackdown

Before bumping into each other at the Palace Bar, Dorian makes it clear at the hospital that she has moved on to Clint Buchanan.

Run time:  44 sec.

Jealous? Deal with It!

Dorian and Robin Strasser say good-bye to Llanview in 1987.

Run time:  32 sec.

Good-bye Dorian

Robin Strasser's Dorian plays a lady in waiting in a special OLTL fantasy episode on February 14, 2007.  The clips are from Youtube.com.
There are seven clips in the series called,
Robin Strasser earned "Outstanding Performer of the Week" in Soap Opera Weekly for the Valentine's Day show.


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