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In th1970s

dorianandclint-small.jpg image by dia1962Dorian Lord (actress Robin Strasser) and Clint Buchanan ( actor Clint Ritchie) had a brief fling that came to an abrupt halt after Clint lost his temper

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 with Dorian over some "divalicious" misdeed.


Above, Dorian and Clint during their tempestuous fling. Below, Clint weds Victoria Lord (actress Erika Slezak) with Clint's father, Asa Buchanan (actor Phil Carey) in the background.wed10-medium.jpg image by dia1962


Clint married newspaper heiresss Victoria (Viki) Lord and worked as editor of the family paper, "The Banner." They raised children together (Joe, Kevin, Jessica). Clint had a son from a previous affair, Cord. Viki, too, was reunited with a daughter, Meghan, from a teenage love affair. Meghan died. In recent years,  Clint and Viki discovered Jessica had a twin sister, Natalie, who is their biological daughter.

dhc1-medium.jpg picture by dia1962While Clint found happiness with Viki, Dorian, a widow to Viki's father, Victor Lord, soon met and married distinguished attorney Herb Callison. Herb adopted Dorian's daughter, Cassie.  In later years, Dorian would be reunited with another daughter, Adriana. At left, the Callisons: Cassie (actress Holly Gagnier), Herb (actor Anthony Call) and Dorian say  their good-byes before Dorian leaves Llanview for a stint as US Ambassador to Mendorra.



1990s Life drastically changed for the diva and the cowboy. Clint and Viki, who had split and remarried, bropol0029b-medium.jpg picture by dia1962ke up again after he discovered she was having an affair with retired Army General Sloan Carpenter. During this era, Dorian and Clint's lives were separately turned upside down at the hands of Viki's multiple personalities. Around the end of the decade,  Clint and Cord had moved to London. And by now, Herb had divorced Dorian. Dorian also had an affair with Clint's son Joe and marriages to David Vickers and Mel Hayes, who died in a plane crash. Left, Dorian is held captive by Viki's alter, Jean. Clint tosses jilted bride Dorian out of Llanfair when she goes there to battle with Viki.

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2005 Clint (actor Jerry verDorn) returned to Llanview and soon after encountered Dorian, who had just been jilted at the altar by David Vickers. Before long, the two began flirting and dancing around an undeniable attraction. Still Clint's relationship with Viki remained a question mark. With Clint and Dorian, fans were enchanted with a duo that was fun, refreshing and unpredictable.  


 Dorian and Clint grow close before it's revealed that Dorian hired someone to stalk her daughter, Adriana, as a way of eventually getting Adriana to break up with her boyfriend, Rex. A heartbroken Clint started dating his ex-wife Viki  while Dorian continued to pursue him in hopes of winning him back.

2007  It took the better part of a year of soul searching, frustration and heartbreak before Clint decided with whom he wanted to spend the rest of his life. On the April 3, 2007 episode of OLTL. Clint told Dorian that he wanted her. She agreed to being with him but suggested that it not be considered a second chance but a fresh start. The death of Clint's father, Asa, affected lives and happiness.  Dorian involved herself with the welfare of a young teen, Langston Wilde, who had lost her parents while Clint found himself attracted to Nora Buchanan. At Asa's ranch in Texas, Dorian found Nora and Clint in passionate kiss in the stables. She ran to the ranch and eventually into David Vickers' arms before the two fell in bed together. Clint discovered Dorian and David, pulled a gun on David and promptly dumped Dorian.

2008 Dorian sought revenge on Clint for the humiliation and convertly went about tactics to takeover his company and ensure a financial future for her Cramer Women. She succeeded in memorable scenes that played out at a shareholders meeting that resulted in a deadly fall for Nash Brennan, who plunged to his death after a fight with Jared Banks. Dorian's command of the company, which she renamed Cramer Enterprises, did not last for long before Clint, with Jared's help, arranged for the release of Langston's uncle, Ray Montez , from a Colombian prison. He came to Llanview to claim his niece just as Dorian sought to adopt her. Ray won custody. Clint told Dorian he'd call off Ray if Dorian returned his family company. Dorian refused. She contacted the mob and arranged for a hit on Ray. Clint changed his mind about having Ray leave the country with Langston and Dorian tried to reverse the hit on Ray. None of that stopped Ray from getting shot -- by his wife, Vanessa, at the airport. Dorian was arrested and DA Nora told Dorian she wouldn't pursue charges if Dorian gave her boyfriend Clint his company back, which Dorian did in exchange for her freedom.

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2009 Dorian, never one to give up, saw a means of insinuating her way back into BE and possibly kicking Clint and Nora out of Asa's former mansion. Her means: she heard news that David Vickers was Asa's son --something the Bukes were aware of and tried to keep from David. Dorian pursued David and even pretended to convert to Buddhism before David learned that he was a Buchanan at the annual Go Red Ball. Though David had moments of doubt, Dorian reassured David that she married him because she loved him. Dorian and David kicked Clint and Nora out of the mansion. Next, a series of blood tests revealed David wasn't Asa's son afterall but Clint's brother Bo's boy. Clint and Nora moved back into the mansion and while remaining married, David left Dorian for fame and fortune in Hollywood. Next, re-enter Ray into Dorian's life, having been cleared of charges in Colombia of having murdered his wife and his daughter Lola's mother. At this point, Lola had began forging a relationship with her cousin, Langston so Ray decided to stay in Llanview. In fact, he and Lola moved into Dorian's home. The proximity seemed to reveal an attraction between Dorian and Ray and with David away, Dorian and Ray shared a few stolen kisses. David and Dorian decided to divorce. Dorian and Ray found themselves falling in love with each other before Lola confessed to killing her mother. This lead to heartbreak in more ways than one. Ray devastated Dorian when he told her that he needed to get care for Lola and it would require his leaving Llanview and going far away. A series of loses caused Dorian to spiral out of control and she began drinking heavily. Meanwhile, Nora and Clint grew closer and planned to marry. Just prior to the wedding, Nora kissed Bo. Nora tried to ignore her feelings for Bo (her ex-husband) and decided to move forward with marrying Clint. As of this writing, Clint has discovered that Nora has fallen in love again with Bo. Also, Dorian is now mayor of Llanview and dealing with threats from an enemy from her past -- Mitch Laurence.

 2010 Clint and Nora divorced and Nora married Bo. A devastated Clint rebounded with a a pole-dancer name Kim,

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whom he married. Bo's son David claimed to be concerned that Kim would somehow rob the family and him of Buchanan millions and he dug up something from her past to blackmail her into leaving Clint. Later David made amends with Dorian and the two were set to remarry when David disappeared and once again jilted Dorian jilted at the altar. Dorian and nearly everyone in Llanview is unaware that Clint alerted Moroccan authorities to David's whereabouts and he was returned to prison in Morocco, where Clint is paying off the wardon. Dorian is deeply depressed and hurt at this latest betrayal of her love and trust and is reluctant to be out in public. Clint has turned a corner to a darker side as he attempts to keep his deeds under wraps and has even taken Matthew under his wing with an internship at Buchanan Enterprises, much to the dismay of Bo. Bo is also bothered that Clint seems romantically interested in Bo's assistant, Inez Salinger. Fearing that her aunt is feeling powerless, Kelly paid Rex to find David so that Dorian could confront him. Rex discovered Clint is behind David being held prisoner, but so far Clint has managed to blackmail Rex into lying for him. 


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