German 2

Weekly Learning Goal
State Standards I. Communicate in German II. Learn about German Culture III. Connect German with outside interests and classes. IV. Learn more about American language and culture. V. Join the worldwide community of German speakers.
Deutschland Top 50: Spring 2016

Wrapping Up Germann 2 and Getting Around Berlin
 Montag, 5/23Dienstag Mittwoch Donnerstag Freitag 
 Getting around Berlin, street by street by street
Give directions for the five places you asked about last week.
Correct directions from yesterday 

Practicing with German prepositions
Non-exempt students will review for the final exam. FINAL EXAM
German 2 

Getting around the City
 Montag, 5/16Dienstag Mittwoch  DonnerstagFreitag
Create a new slide show: YourName Directions 

Getting around town, knowing the key places
Write sentences using the verb, wissen

Watch "The Wall: a World Divided" part 1
Getting around town
Know when to use fahren and gehen 

Watch "The Wall: a World Divided" part 2
Review events of The Wall.
Apply learning: design a game for Mr. Dittes that would make the 'Berlin Wall' of our activity last Friday come down--not just get breached.

Getting around Innenstadt Berlins 
Write five questions about getting to locations around Berlin
 Quiz: the verb, wissen, and sites around town 
BONUS: Take the quiz on the final section of In the Garden of Beasts. All points earned will count as bonus points.     

Practice with accusative pronouns and a Chores Test
 Montag 5/9Dienstag Mittwoch Donnerstag Freitag 
Wrap up chores presentations

Hanging out with Friends: review weil & dann 

Illustrate one of the lines from the East German National Anthem on Google+ (lyrics are in the comments section).
Hanging out with Friends: practice with accusative pronouns

Introducing--East Germany! 
Hanging out with Friends: test review  Hanging out with Friends TestBerlin Wall Game 

1. Describe your role in the game today. What did you do in "East Germany"?
2. What does a game like this teach you about East Germany that a book or a lecture might not? Use examples from the game to describe this.
     BONUS: Look up the name you were assigned in the game today and tell what role they had in the real East Germany (+5)

Stretching sentences with weil and denn
 Montag, 5/2Dienstag Mittwoch Donnerstag Freitag 
 Testing--Algebra I (gym); English 3 (cafeteria)

Prepare a cold presentation on an Invitation

Giving and declining invitations
Write six sentences inviting someone to join you on an activity using forms of the verb, mitkommen
Testing--Algebra 2 (gym); English 1 (cafeteria) 

World War 2 Movie Final:
 you will be given a film to watch, after which you will have 45 minutes to answer an analytical question about German in World War 2

"Your Job in Germany"

Testing--US History (gym); English 2 (cafeteria) 
Colonel Overby's class will join us while he is proctoring a test.

Inviting friends: practice with weil und denn, slides 26-27\

HW: Prepare three chore slides (or a video) for Friday. See sample here.
Testing--Biology (gym); Chemistry (cafeteria) 

Inviting friends: practice with
weil un denn, slides 28-29

HW: Prepare three chore slides (or a video) for Friday
Testing--Geometry (gym) 

Chores Presentations will be shown (those who aren't here, should have videos ready to play).

Berlin Wall Day: Friday, 13 May!

Describing How Often we do Chores
 Montag, 4/25Dienstag Mittwoch Donnerstag Freitag 
Discussion & Quiz, In the Garden of Beasts: "Disquiet" pp 209-259 

Blog 5: Disquiet. Write Diels and tell him what he should do next.

Create sentences using the new verbs we learned last week.
Write sentences and conjugate words from last week. 

View the movie, Loré, part 1
Talking about how often we do chores around the house. 

View the movie, Loré, part 2
Finish the movie, Loré 

How would you have survived in Germany during the Summer of 1945? Refer to two or more events from the film in your reflection.
 Discussion & Quiz, In the Garden of Beasts: "Berlin at Dusk" pp 261-299

Blog 6: Berlin at Dusk
Is Berlin rising or falling?

Look ahead to the book's conclusion.

Google+  Deutschland, Summer of '45
Make-up/Bonus: what would you have had to do to get in trouble with the Gestapo? Would you have done any of these things? (Two or more paragraphs. Up to +10)     

Talking about Chores
 Montag, 4/18Dienstag Mittwoch Donnerstag Freitag 
 Mr. Dittes will be testing in the Cafeteria

Report to Ms. Jackson's room

Worksheet on chores and the verb, müssen
Mr. Dittes will be testing for ACT

Report to Mr. Nazarenus's room, 1153

Worksheet on chores, times of the week/month, the verb,  können

Dine out at the Gersthaus Restaurant in Nashville, leaving at 12:30
Watch the movie, Downfall Go Over Household Chores
Review for vocabulary quiz tomorrow.

Watch the movie, Downfall
Quiz: Household Chores

Finish the movie, Downfall

Write in your German history in response to this question: what does the fall of the Third Reich show about the people who set up the government--both its leaders and ordinary Germans?

We will go over "Disquiet" pp 209-259 on Monday. The next section, "Berlin at Dusk" (pp 261-299) will be assigned for Friday, 29 April.

Constructing Longer Sentences
 Montag, 4/11Dienstag Mittwoch Donnerstag Freitag 
Orderint at the store. Work with a partner to write a dialogue for four stores

Watch War of the Century, "High Hopes."
 Shopping in Germany: Practice with weil und denn

Watch War of the Century, "Learning to Win"
Review for Shopping Test

Watch War of the Century, "Vengeance"

Part 1 of "Unsere Mütter, Unsere Väter"
Shopping Test

Part 2 of "Unsere Mütter, Unsere Väter"
Discussion & Quiz "How the Skeleton Aches" from In the Garden of Beasts, pp 155-204

Quiz 7

Book Blog "How the Skeleton Aches." What would it have been like to meet Chancellor Hitler?
   Bonus: does your family have history relating to World War II? Find out about their role/ reactions to some of the events we have seen (Up to +15) Bonus: Was the Reichstag Fire a 'False Flag'? The video we watched seemed to think so. The internet is mixed: the best source, the U.S. Holocaust Muesum, seems to support the idea that the Nazis carried it out. Another site follows the Nazi line and blames the Communists. Another says that it was the work of a lone terrorist/arsonist. What do you think? Support your answer (Up to +10) 
We Study German Weights & Measures & get into World War II
 Montag, 4/4Dienstag Mittwoch Donnerstag Freitag 
 Mr. Dittes will be returning from Germany today.

Check Google Plus for uploades from Mr. Dittes's trip--leave a comment.

Take a German placement test [It is in the second column, under "Find out which German Course is right for you"] (you will need ear phones). Once you are done, write down the level you tested at (A1, A2 or B1).

If you have time, look at some of the other German-learning options available on DW-World
Review: re-take the quiz that we took before the break (top score counts, so don't worry).

 Talking about weights & measures

Watch part one of the movie, Europa, Europa: What qualities does Sonny have that seem to help him survive the initial challenges he faces?
What did Dittes learn in Deutschland? The Rhine & Karlsruhe.

Talking about weights & measures. Practice with the phrase, "wie viel"

Watch part 2 of the movie, Europa, Europa: see question from yesterday 
 What did Dittes learn in Deutschland? Tübingen

Talking about weights & measures. Practice with the verb, wiegen

Watch Part 3 of the movie, Europa, Europa
 Discussion and Quiz: In the Garden of Beasts, pp 59-151

Section II: House Hunting in the Third Reich
Section III:
Lucifer in the Garden

Blog 2
: Put these quotes into context.
   BONUS: what was the "Lebensborn" movement about? Did very many German girls sign up to do what Leni did? Cite the sources you use. Up to +10) 

We prepare for Spring Break
 Montag, 3/21Dienstag Mittwoch Donnerstag Freitag 
Discussion and Quiz: In the Garden of Beasts, section 1, pp 9-50

Find a picture and write an answer to the first blog question

HW: Read In the Garden of Beasts, pp 55-151 for Friday, 8 April
Katya introduces us to the Imperative Verb 

Practice with the imperative verb.
Shopping Quiz: be the Oma.
Do you know where to buy things?
Can you change a request into a command? 

Look at a map of German settlements in Eastern Europe prior to 1940

Video: The Nazis strike. Can you interpret the propaganda from the German side?
 Keine Schule

Keine Schule


Let's go shopping!
 Montag, 3/14 Dienstag  Mittwoch  Donnerstag  Freitag 
Go to the EDEKA Deutschland web site and make a shopping list of ten or more items to buy. Include the price and provide a budget for your shopping trip.

Review our German convention activity, go over this week's reading from In the Garden of Beasts

Look at the items in a German bakery, butcher, supermarket and fruit & vegetable stand
 Encountering Hitler: Part I of "Triumph des Willens" (0:00-22:00)
In your History Notebooks: 
Identify three things the film seems to be saying about Chancellor HItler, give examples from the film that support this idea.

Shopping: Asking questions about the things we buy
Ad hoc schedule: Our team will be in the state tournament in Murfreesboro  Encountering Hitler: Part II of "Triumph des Willens" 41:47-1:12:10
In your History Notebooks: what did you notice about what Hitler said and did? Were there any giveaways, or did this seem normal?

Shopping: Learning to command, the imperative form of verbs. 

From the handout, write 12 "sollen" sentences using the verbs in the pictures. Then change the sentences to imperatives (both singular and plural).
 Discussion and Quiz: In the Garden of Beasts, pp 9-50
BONUS: Mr. Dittes blogged about your German Convention of 1932. Comment on his blog and reflect on what you learned from the experienc (Up to +5)     

We wrap up the semester with our Eating & Going Out Test
 Montag, 3/7 Dienstag  Mittwoch  Donnerstag  Freitag 
Help plan a trip to a German city. Research the given city and write down six things there are to do there.

Talking about negating indefinite articles (the word, kein)
 Using clauses in our German and stretching out our sentences Test Review

Lecture: Germany between the World Wars

Notebook; which party would you have supported in the 1932 German Election? Tell why: 
Eating and Going out Test   We get into our class read, In the Garden of Beasts\

HW: Read pp 9-50 for discussion & quiz next Friday

Talking about what there is to eat & do here
 Montag (2/29) Dienstag  Mittwoch  Donnerstag  Freitag 
Choose a menu from one of the top ten restaurants in Frankfurt. Make a list of 5-7 new vocabulary terms to teach to the class.

Talking about what there is to eat & drink

HW: Make a list of ten things to do, drink, and eat in the Nashville area. Put them in a table in our slides. Use a form of "geben" for each one.

Keine Schule

Matt Norman will be here to talk about living in Deutschland and working with the Army.

Pop Quiz: Eating in the restaurant.

Copy the grammar assignment on Slide 44 into your slides and complete it

Complete the homework from Monday--Slide 45
Quiz: Ordering in a German Restaurant

More practice with kein

The Red Baron, part 1

Reflect: pilots in World War I were known as "Knights of the Sky." What do you see in Richthofen's behavior that might make him knight-like? Include at least two examples.
Mr. Dittes will be away at a teachers' conference

Complete the movie, The Red Baron

Reflect in your German History notebook:
The end of the movie deals with the loss of innocence by Baron Richthofen. What do you think made him see war as more than a game of knights, kings and damsels?

We move from I Want to "Let's Eat"
 Montag (2/22) Dienstag  Mittwoch  Donnerstag  Freitag 
 Practice with wollen, building sentences

View "The Death of Glory," Part 1
In a new document  (YourName German History)
Write two questions about World War 1 that the video raises.
Educanon: Rammstein, "Ich Will"

 Practice with wollen, rearranging sentences to start with the time.

Ordering in a German restaurant

Go over Menu project

Telling history with a map of Europe, 1914
(Use "Drawing" in your document to import the map and label it.)

View "The Death of Glory," Part 2

    Quiz: wollen 

Week 7: Shopping in Deutschland
 Montag (2/15) Dienstag   Mittwoch Donnerstag  Freitag 
 No School

Presidents' Day
No School

Parent-teacher Conferences 
Create a new notebook using a Presentation. Title it: "YourName Shops and Eats

What do you want to do next weekend, assuming perfect weather?

Talking about what you want

There isn't class time to make-up the test from last Friday. Students who missed it or failed to complete it will need to come in before class or stay after.
   German History: From Napoleon to Bismarck
1-2 paragraphs: describe the unification of Germany using 2 or more of the elements we discussed in class
uniting vs. dividing
rebelling vs. invading

Week 6: First Test, A start on our next unit, Shopping in Deutschland
 Montag (2/8) Dienstag  Mittwoch  Donnerstag  Freitag 
 News from Bild: Rosenmontag und Fasching

Review for Telephon Test

Test Wednesday
Keine Schule

Keine Schule

Keine Schule

Telephone, Weather and Likes test 

Week 5: Talking about Movies, Books & Music
 Montag (2/1) Dienstag  Mittwoch  Donnerstag  Freitag 
 Wie ist das Wetter in Deutschland/Europa?
Describe seven or more terms/phrases relating to the weather that you practiced/learned in this activity.

Practice for tomorrow's Weather Quiz

Practice with film genres

 Wie ist das Wetter Quiz (finally!)

The verb, mögen, and music genres

Go over HRE
Practice with the verb, kennen and the comparative/superlative descriptions

Time for work on HRE Council
Due tomorrow: a copy of your kingdom's shield
Final draft of (1) Kingdom checklist and (2) researched narrativei 
 HRE Council/ presentations Mr. Dittes will be away in a meeting at the district office.

 Read about the end of the Holy Roman Empire.

What happened to your kingdom (region of Germany) as a result of his victories over the Prussians & Austrians?

Do you think that this ultimately helped or hurt life in your family or royal kingdom?

Use examples from the article and any other research you did. (2-5 paragraphs in your notebook)

Review for next week's test using the Test Prep Checklist

Week 4: More Weather
 Montag 1/25 Dienstag  Mittwoch  Donnerstag  Freitag 
Keine Schule

 Keine Schule

 Your kingdom activity
a. Provide 2-3-sentence descriptions of the illustrations you found
b. Provide footnotes or hyperlinks for researched facts or images (at least three)
c. My Kingkom Checklist

Wie ist das Wetter? Review from last week.

Practice with the Sechs W's
 Practice conversations about the Weather

The weather in different months of the year.
 Mr. Dittes will be away at a Model UN Conference

Your kingdom activity.
a. Write a narrative about life in your kingdom before 1806. Include at least seven researched facts in your story (duke, castle, river, event, etc.) from three or more sources.
b. Include footnotes after sentences with researched facts. Be sure the source is written in MLA format in the footnote.
See Mr. Dittes's sample. 
Your grade will be based on the checklist at the bottom.

Week 3: Weather, Anyone?
Montag (1/18) Dienstag Mittwoch Donnerstag Freitag
 Keine Schule

Martin Luther King Tag
 Review dipthongs quiz

Read from Bild, "Endlich Winter" practice.

Wie ist das Wetter?  Go over key terms
Es ist...
Wir haben

Keine Schule

Herr Dittes will be away at a meeting.

Keine Schule


Weather Quiz. 

Keine Schule


Week 2: Talking on the Phone: 
 Montag (1/11) Dienstag  Mittwoch  Donnerstag  Freitag 
 Langsam gesprochene Nachrichten
Listen, then
Use to learn new words.

Review dipthongs from Friday: "Crazy Sounds"

Practice on the phone conversation
 What is harder to pronounce: English or German?

Katya helps us with 
ä ö ü

Using the verb,

Link to "Can You Feel the Love?"
 Practice with können

Telling the time in German

Add some questions about time to your phone conversation.

Once you have finished yoru four time questions, copy your full dialogue and paste it in this Doc for Herr Dittes to print
Cell phone vocabulary 

We will perform the phone conversations we have started this week.
 Quiz: Can you pronounce dipthongs correctly?

Everybody is a Prince/ Princess!
Given a small German kingdom, create a presentation that will demonstrate your importance in the Holy Roman Empire

Week 1: We dive into a Wave of new German Ideas
 Montag (1/4) Dienstag Mittwoch  Donnerstag  Freitag 
Keine Schule

Go over the plans for German 2

Class rules, School rules. Remember to create a new notebook/ Heft for German 2

What is Autocracy? Find up to four elements of a movement or a group that is autocratic. Include links to two or more sources..

Watch Die Welle, part 1

Write 1-2 questions about the scene in the movie, either about the words they used or about something you observed about German teens, teachers or schools..
German 1 Review: Verbs
Watch Die Welle, part 2

Write two things you saw in the movie that we covered in German 1, and two words/ideas that you learned
German 1 Review: pronouns and the model verb, möchten

Complete Die Welle

Is autocracy a 'German thing' or a 'human thing'?
. German 1 Review: nominative and accusative case

Deutsche Dipthonge
learn combinations in advance of an oral test next Friday