The First Bucharest-Budapest Workshop in Philosophy

Theme: Fictionalism

Venue: Central European University, Institute for Advanced Study
Date: April 4-5, 2014

Invited Speakers: Simon Blackburn (Cambridge), Matti Eklund (Uppsala), Daniel Hutto (Hertfordshire)

A fictionalist view of one type or another has been proposed in areas like philosophy of language, metaethics, and metaontology, and extended over to philosophy of mathematics, mind, and science. Critical responses, in every such area, have also been offered by defenders of non-cognitivism, Meinongianism, deflationism, etc. Nevertheless, there has been little intersubdisciplinary exchange between proponents and critics of fictionalism. This workshop, organized together with Tamas Demeter, attempted to increase such interaction and see what (if anything) can be learned from its possible outcomes.