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Half-Day Workshops

This is a series of small workshops in theoretical philosophy, which I organized between 2012 and 2016 at the University of Bucharest. Some are listed below.
  • Andy Arana (Sorbonne) "On the alleged simplicity of impure proof" (6.07.2016)
  • Hanoch Ben-Yami (CEU) "The Quantified Argument Calculus" (6.07.2016)
  • Andrew D. Irvine (British Columbia) "A Theory of Logical Possibility" (20.04.2016)
  • Antigone Nounou (Athens), "On Scientific Understanding without Explanation" (24.11.2015) 
  • Samuel Fletcher (Munich) "On the Local Flatness of Spacetime" (18.11.2014)
  • Slobodan Perovic (Belgrade) "The Higgs Boson and the Logic of Scientific Discovery" (18.11.2014)
  • Tudor Baetu (Vienna) "Parts, wholes and levels of reduction in biology" (21.05.2013)
  • Thomas Land (Cambridge) "Kant, Conceptualism, and the Problem of Perceptual Presence" (19.12.2012)
  • Sean Walsh (Birkbeck) "Logicism and Reduction" (4.06.2012)