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Smart Notebook Express!    Now anyone, anywhere can open, edit and share lessons and other content created in SMART Notebook software anytime at no charge.

SMART Notebook Express is the new lightweight, web-based version of SMART Notebook software and is the latest addition to the SMART Notebook line of products. It offers open access to some of the same delivery and editing features found in SMART Notebook software, the world’s most popular collaborative learning software. You don’t need to log in and there’s no software to download – all you need is access to the Internet.

What does this mean to teachers and students?  You can now post your class Notebook files on your class website.  Your students can go to the Smart Notebook Express website then open your Notebook files--no software to download!  Post this link on your class/school website

A Learning Website for Middle School Students
AAA Math
AIM (Animation, Interaction, Multimedia) Yoiur projects with Flash Flash Projects
Alice Ferguson Foundation
Ambleside C.E. Primary School
Arcademic Skills Builder Activities and Games
BookPals-Listen to popular books read by actors.
Bugs and Insects-Game for kids
Buzzin' With Shapes
Center School District Educational Technology
Cool An amusement park of math and more. Math Lessons, games, and practice
Cool math 4 Math Games
Calculating Crew
Creating Polygons
eChalk resources for teachers with interactive whiteboards and data projectors
Equivalent Fractions
e-Learning Centre-Using Interactive Whiteboards
eThemes Resouces Listed by Resources
eThemes Resources Listed by Title
ETTC@NSC Interactive Whiteboard Links
ExploreLearning-Interactive Math and Science Simulations
Fraction Frenzy
Fraction Matching
First-School Preschool Activites and Crafts
FlashCards with negative Numbers
Foreign Languages Teaching Ideas
Fraction Track Game
Geography United States EThemes EMINTs
Greenville County Schools-Brannon Carter (Podcasting/Webcasting)
How the Body Works-Movies
Human Anatomy Online
ICT in Education-Learning and Teaching
Imagination Drawing
Instructional Technology Department-Resouces-Smartboards
Interactive Activities
Interactive Assessments
Interactive Homepage
Interactive Language Arts
Interactive Math lessons, tutorials, and games online, Fraction, Decimals, Percent, Integers
Interactive Reading
Interactive Science
Interactive Social Studies
It's My Life. Games. Mad Money-PBS Kids Go
It's My Life. Games-PBS Kids Go
Julie Thompson
Kids Online Resources
Kentucky MarcoPolo
Ladybug Mazes
Learn to Read at Starfall-Teaching comprehension and phonics
Math Forum Math Resources by Subject
Maximizing SMART Board
Middle School
Middle School Interactive Websites.pdf
Multiplication Mystery
Music Games
Note Pair Free flash game
Powerful Vocabulary
Primary Games
Promethean Planet
RM Educational Software State Standards
Science Games
Science U Learning Science Just Got Easier
Sheppard Software Games
SMART Board Help Center
SMART Board Lounge
SMART Board Resources
SMART BoardTemplates
SMART Board Website Resources
SMART Support, SMART Board Software
SMART Training Center, Training Materials for Microsoft Windows
Smartboard Favorites
SMART Board in the classroom
SMART Board in the classroom
Smartboard-Teaching and Learning Resources
Smarter Ways to Use the SmartBoard with Math Core Content
State Standards-Search
Smartboard Resouces-Sites to use with Smartboard
Smartboard-Web Technology
Study Guide Zone-Free online study guides for entrance and professional exams
Sudoku online
Tangram Puzzles
Teaching Ideas
Teach with Technology
Teacher Resources by Annenberg Media
Teacher Tap Images for Projects
Teachers Network
Teaching Money-Teaching Tools
Teaching Time-Teaching Tools
Teachnet lesson plans Science
Test Your Geography Knowledge-USA
Think Bank Ltd-Training, Design, Consultancy
Triple Quintzee
Vectorkids-Interactive Educational Tools-Math Flashcards and Games
Welcome to BOOKPOP
Welcome to the e-Gadget Factory
WMnet-West Midlands Regional Broadband Consortium-Intereactive Whiteboard Resources
Willie the "Watch Dog"
Zoo Millions
4-H Virtual Farm
e-Learning for Kids
Longwood Smart Lessons