About us

New York State District 34 Little League is the division of Little League International comprised of 16 leagues in Western Suffolk County.  For a more detailed description of the area covered by District 34, please visit our Leagues page.

The District is administered by our volunteer Board of Directors.

An important function of the District is facilitating the annual Williamsport Tournament.  The annual Little League International Tournament begins at the district level.  The team that wins the District level will represent District 34 in the Section 6 Tournament, which involves the 8 districts of Long Island.  The winner of Section 6 moves on to the New York State Tournament.  Selected divisions continue to the Eastern Region and eventually the World Series.  Further information can be found at the Williamsport page.

The District 34 Invitational follows the district level of the Williamsport Tournament.  All leagues within the district are invited to enter multiple tournament teams in a 12 game, 3 round tournament throughout July and early August.  Further information can be found at the District 34 Invitational page.