Parent Associations/Parent Teacher Associations

2018-2019 PA/PTA's & Parent Coordinators

Parent Associations /Parent Teacher Associations
  • Each New York City Department of Education school is required to have a Parent Association or a Parent Teacher Association (PA/PTA). All parents, step-parents, legally appointed guardians, foster parents and persons in parental relation are automatically members of their school’s PA/PTA.
  • Officers of a PA/PTA are responsible for the PA/PTA budget, events and activities. PA/PTAs can support schools by raising funds, hosting parent workshops or meetings, organizing festivals, dances or social events for families, and can help schools connect with parents through updates and volunteer opportunities. If you need any assistance with your PA/PTA, please first contact your Presidents' Council.

Chancellor's Regulations A-610- Fundraising Activities and the parameters regarding fund-raisers, including when they may be held, and sets forth internal controls for moneys collected and their expenditure.

Chancellors Regulations A-655 School and District Leadership Teams, Composition, Duties, etc

Chancellor's Regulations A-660 Parent Associations and the Schools

Chancellor's Regulation A-812 Competitive Foods/Snack Sales: PA/PTA food fundraising is limited to once per month. During this monthly sale, the rule respecting the sale of non-approved food items may be lifted to permit the PA/PTA to raise funds using non-approved food items not otherwise prohibited by law during the school day as long as the sale of the non-approved food items occurs outside the cafeteria. In addition, all PA/PTA fundraising activity within this regulation must comply with Chancellor’s Regulation A-610 and Chancellor’s Regulation A-660.

Chancellor's Regulations C-30 Regulation Governing the Selection, Assignment and Appointment of Principals and Assistant Principals

Chancellor's Regulations D-140- Process for the Nomination and Selection of Members of the Community Education Councils including Filling Vacancies

The PA/PTA Guide to Conducting Raffles explains the CR A-660 rules for holding raffles.

Thrilled to share our PA/PTA Binder Party photo album! We had many of our PA/PTAs & Parent Coordinators work together on team building, Chancellor’s Regulations & best practices.