District 22 Schools Pre-K Admissions & Open House Info

 All children born in 2013, who live in New York City, are eligible to apply to pre-k programs for the 2017-18 school year.

Pre-Kindergarten Timeline 2017-18: 
  • Application period opens January 17th & closes February 24th
  • Families will receive Round 1 offer letters from the NYCDOE in late April & pre-register before the pre-registration deadline on May 9
  • Families can apply in Round 2 from March 27th  – May 9, 2017

Speak to a pre-K admissions expert today to get one-on-one advice as you prepare to apply.
Simply call 212-637-8000 or Request a Call on Pre-K Finder to talk to a member of the pre-K outreach team about your pre-K options.

District 22 Pre-Kindergarten Open House/ Information
Please call to confirm dates. Check back often for updates. If you are interested in a school listed without an open house date, please call and speak with the Parent Coordinator.

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SchoolAddressPhoneParent Coordinator/EmailOpen HouseLink to Flyer
SchoolAddressPhoneParent Coordinator/EmailOpen HouseLink to Flyer
Joan Snow Pre-K Center Coney Island Avenue 1139 Coney Island Avenue 718-724-1730 Liz Boyle, Site Coordinator See Flyer for Full Details Joan Snow Pre-K Center (Coney Island Ave) Pre-K Tour Flyer 
Joan Snow Pre-K Center East 29th Street 1340 East 29th Street 718-758-8970 Anthi Alifieris, Site Coordinator  See flyer for details. Individual tours are now being scheduled to accommodate your family. Please call Ms. Alifieris at 718-758-8970 to make an appointment.  Joan Snow Pre-K Center (East 29th St) Pre-K Tour Flyer 
Joan Snow Pre-K Center Glenwood Road 3610 Glenwood Road  718-434-7090 Lisa Cusumano, Site Coordinator Individual tours are now being scheduled to accommodate your family. Please call Lisa Cusumano at 718-434-7090 to make an appointment.  Joan Snow Pre-K Center (Glenwood) Pre-K Tour Flyer 
PS 052 2675 E 29th Street  718-648-0882 Barbara Warner   
PS 109 1001 East 45th Street 718-693--3246 Laurentina Matthew   
PS 119 3829 Avenue K 718-377-7696 Arthur Johnson   
PS 139 330 Rugby Road 718-252-5254 Lauren Kalbfell   
PS 152 Annex 1087 Ocean Avenue, between Farrugut Road and Foster Avenue. 718-434-5222 Tammy Zaccheo   
PS 193 2515 Avenue L 718-338-9011 Lori Ramos-Johnson   
PS 194 3117 Avenue W 718-648-8804 Keisha Stevens   
PS 195 131 Irwin Street 718-648-9102 Lori Casale   
PS 197 1599 East 22nd Street 718-377-7890 Renata Mezhibovsky   
PS 198 4105 Farragut Road 718-282-4920 Tawana Wright   
PS 203 5101 Avenue M 718-241-8488 Darline Joseph   
PS 206 2200 Gravesend Neck Road 718-743-5598 Jennifer Hom   
PS 207 Early Childhood Center 3920 Flatlands Avenue 718-645-8667 Donna Pimpinella   
PS 217 1100 Newkirk Avenue 718-434-6960 Mara Dubovici   
PS 222 3301 Quentin Road  718-998-4298 Mary Christina O'Neill   
PS 236 6302 Avenue U 718-444-6969 Antoinette LaBella   
PS 245 249 East 17th Street  718-284-2330 Lynette Bradshaw   
PS 251 1037 East 54th Street 718-251-4110 Janet Sanchez   
PS 254 1801 Avenue Y 718-743-0890 Karen Tam   
PS 255 1866 East 17th Street 718-376-8494 Beth Rocco   
PS 277 2529 Gerritsen Avenue 718-743-6689    
PS 312 7103 Avenue T  718-763--4015 Carol Pino   
PS 315 2310 Glenwood Road  718-421-9560 Angela Gonzalez   
PS 326 1800 Utica Avenue 718-241-4828 Melida Foster   
PS 361 3109 Newkirk Avenue 718-856-0600 Juliza Colon   
P.S. 889 510 Coney Island Avenue NEW SCHOOL UNDER CONSTRUCTION    
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