District Leadership Team

District Leadership Team Members: The required members of District Leadership Teams (DLT) are: the community superintendent, the high school superintendent(s), a Council of Supervisors and Administrators (CSA) representative, a United Federation of Teachers (UFT) representative, a DC 37 representative, the president of the District Presidents’ Council, the president of the borough high school Presidents’ Council, and the chairperson of the Title I District Parent Advisory Council. DLTs may also include Community Based Organizations and the president of the district CEC.

District Leadership Teams’ roles: The primary role of the DLT is to develop and review the District Comprehensive Educational Plan (DCEP), which includes annual goals and objectives that are aligned with district and Citywide goals. DLTs are also required to create the District 100.11 Plan and conduct a Biennial Review to measure the effectiveness of its academic programs. In addition, DLTs provide support, guidance, technical assistance and conflict resolution to the SLTs in their districts.

 How do parents join a District Leadership Team? District Leadership Team representatives are chosen by their respective leadership groups. The presidents of the Borough High School  and the District Presidents’ Council are automatically members of their DLT.

District 22 2018-2019 Goals

Chancellor's Regulations A-655

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