District Goals 2019-2020


Instructional Goals:

Advanced Literacy across all content areas:

Provide a common set of instructional practices to support linguistically diverse students in developing literacy skills and competencies necessary to learn from text and to express their knowledge orally and in writing.



Algebra for All

Build teacher capacity through professional learning that will deepen content knowledge and instructional practices around grade specific topics that are essential for student success in algebra.



Supportive Environment Goals:


Mindfulness –provide skills necessary to develop an awareness of thoughts, emotions, and senses in order to grow a better understanding of what others within the school community may be experiencing and provide practices that can be integrated into the school day and adapted for diverse environments.

Safe,Inclusive School EnvironmentProvide a community where all stakeholders feel welcome, respected and valued.

Ø  Culturally Responsive Instruction- support the achievement of all students by providing effective teaching and learning in an environments where student cultural differences are supported and celebrated.

Ø  Social Emotional Well Being – support staff  (guidance counselors, psychologists, social workers) are proactive, having systems in place to avoid situations that may interfere with student success- such as chronic absenteeism, bullying, etc., by engaging the entire school community.                     



Support schools in examining trends among students with high absenteeism to provide supports to schools and provide family intervention and outreach.