College Awareness Day is Friday, January 10, 2020
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This day aims to strengthen the college-preparedness culture in all schools, and help students and families understand that their dream of college is attainable. On this day, please engage in conversations and activities with your child to inspire and promote college aspirations. Make college an expectation and connect your child’s academic course work and interests in and out of class to success in college. Be part of your child’s school’s activities on College Awareness Day, and work with your child’s teachers and counselors to encourage your child to begin his/her journey towards college.

We encourage families:

  • if possible, to dress their children in college gear representing their Alma Mater/current school of an older family member or friend

  • to participate in the College Awareness Day social media challenge by taking a photo of student holding a sign that reads either-
                     ◦#(Insert Neighborhood)GoesToCollege (ex. #MillBasinGoesToCollege)

                     ◦Class of (insert projected college graduation year) #CollegeAwarenessDay [ex. Class of 2032]                     

Here are some great prompts to promote college conversations with your children:

    •What colleges have you thought about attending?

    •What is your favorite subject? Have you thought about anything you would like to study in college?

    •What club, activity or sports team would you be interested in participating in high school? In college?

    •What kind of events and programs do you think will help you learn more about your own culture, identity,         or community in college?

    •Do you know of any scholarships that are available to you now as a middle schooler?