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12 Dec 2018 

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Next Night-Class: 12 December
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EVENTS ON THE HORIZON (See Unit Calendar for additional details) 
12/15 - Westinghouse PT Meet
01/02 - Feed My Starving Children Community Service

San Diego Spring Break Signup Form
This form is to see who, under current circumstances, could attend our Annual Spring Break trip. Current information on the trip is the following. Initial price will be $750, but ideally it will be lowered to $450 through fundraising. If money is a problem, the program may be able to assist you in paying for the trip. The dates for the trip are the following: We will depart either on the 22nd, Friday night OR leave on the 23rd, Saturday. Cadets would arrive back on Sunday, the 31st.  Cadets will be flying. Staying at the local hotels at the San Diego Naval Base Current activities include seeing the Naval Base's many attractions, the San Diego Air and Space Museum,the San Diego Zoo, touring Ship/subsubs, and more!  Updates on the trip will be posted here on the website! A NON-REFUNDABLE deposit of $150 will be required on Jan 9 (you can make the deposit early). By 13  Feb the remaining balance is due and we must commit to the air transportation.  At that point a trip cancellation for any reason would mean only recoverable funds would be returned to cadets (We think means a loss of approx $100 for each). Therefore at the Parent Meeting on 13 Feb we will decide to rely only on a Navy airlift (with a good chance we won't get an airlift) or to risk each cadet losing $100 if the trip is cancelled. 
Cadets can still sign up, but remaining 'seats' will be first come, first served. TALK TO YOUR PARENTS/GUARDIANS BEFORE FILLING OUT THIS FORM

NS2/3 Leadership 'mini-projects'
1st semester NS2/3 'mini-projects' (in which each NS2/3 cadet is responsible for organizing a community, school or unit service project) are due 14 Dec. We will again do mini-projects 2nd semester. With prior approval, cadets can use team, unit and school activities to count as a 2nd semester project as long as the cadet is in the leadership role and there is evidence of SMART goals, POAMs, ORMs and the 7 'Principles of War' (as appropriate). Watch for (or make) your opportunities and let LCDR Morse know if you have a proposed project.

CNO & Commandant of Marine Corps Reading Lists
Every year the Chief of Naval Operations updates his recommended reading list of books that pertain to the Navy, Leadership or Global Affairs (or all three). The Commandant of the Marine Corps produces a similar list, only its not just recommended, he requires every Marine to choose a book on the list (Books are organized by rank of the reader).  If you think you might apply for an NROTC or Naval Academy scholarship, you should try to read as many of the books on the CNO list as it will improve your chance of selection. If you are interested in becomming a marine, you should read books off the CMC Reading List. If you find a book that you feel would be good for the whole class to read, you can recommend it be selected as our NJROTC Summer Reading selection.

***NEW*** NROTC Prepratory Program (NPP)
The Navy has just announced a new program to help NJROTC students get a scholarship and commision in the Navy. It pays for FIVE years of college. It does NOT require a minimum SAT/ACT score. The first year curriculum does NOT include NROTC but includes courses and programs designed to help students succeed at the school. After the first year and with the recommendation of the NROTC unit and a 2.8 GPA, cadets are then automatically offered a full four-year NROTC scholarship. Cadets apply directly to the NROTC of the school they want to attend. Four schools are aready accepting applications for NPP: U of Maine, Old Dominion, Norfolk State and Savannah State. Procedures are school specific, and the other NROTC schools are still solidifying their process.  University of Ilinois' NPP may align with the U of I's ARISE program and help cadets get selected for ARISE which is designed to help engineering students.  Contact LCDR Morse for the forms, procedures and more information about this outstanding opportunity for those who might not otherwise qualify or be competitive for a national NROTC scholartship.

Feed My Starving Children Signup January 2nd
On January 2nd, from 0930 to 1130, the unit will take 35 cadets to Feed My Starving Children to package food. Cadets will be volunteering at the packaging line given tasks such as packaging rice and vegetables, moving ingredients, and stacking boxes of prepared meals. The work done during the day will be sent to help feed children and families in developing countries. Cadets will muster at WHS in the back lobby at 0830 for the bus to leave at 0900 wearing the Unit T-shirt (and outdoor coats) and closed toed shoes to work in. Cadets will be bused to the FMSC center at Schamburg to work the 0930 to 1130 shift, then back to WHS by 1200. Cadets from schools that are south of WHS may find it more convenient to meet at FMSC. Any cadet arriving at the FMSC center (1072 National Parkway, Schaumburg, IL 60173) must be there by 0915. These cadets may be dismissed as soon as their shift ends (1130). 

Computer Programming Team
A new team is on the horizon, the computer science team. In this team, cadets will have the opportunity to learn how computers work, how to build apps, servers, networking, and much more. In addition, cadets are able to improve their leadership skills by learning how to properly plan projects, work in a team, gain confidence, as well as an opportunity to lead a group. Any cadet interested in pursuing a field in computers or electronics is highly encouraged to sign up for this team. No experience is necessary, all are welcome. Contact c/SN Tran for more details.

Sea Perch Team
A new idealized team! SeaPerch: Where you can learn leadership, engineering,  electronics, and mechanics, as we build and compete with underwater drones! Please complete this interest survey ASAP. No experience is necessary, all are welcomeContact c/PO1 McCombs for more information.

NJROTC Drumline
A new opportunity to get involved with the unit. Fill out this form if you happen to be interested in joining a unit drumline which will play at AMI. This is simply an interest form and you have no obligations.

Marksmanship Team 
The marksmanship team will begin its off-season schedule in November. Cadets who want to practice in the winter will have to join the Arlington Heights Airgun Club (AHAC) and shoot during the 'field house time' on Wednesdays (as class allows, cadets will be driven to Christian Liberty Academy (CLA) for practice with the AHAC. Parents must pick up cadets at 2100 (9pm) from CLA, 502 Euclid Ave, Arlington Heights). Note: this is NOT an NJROTC practice and NJROTC instructors may not be present, but it is an excellent opportunity to learn from outstanding AHAC coaches.  Cadets who have participated in marksmanship practices at CLA can continue for free. Cadets who haven't prviously practiced can qualify by attaining a 100% score on the safety test. The 'regular' NJROTC practice will start again in the spring to prepare for summer camps. 
Cyber Patriot Team 18-19 Signup
 Contact C/LT Manfredi (dmanfredi9333@stu.d214.org) with any questions.

Sharing your photos
Send your photos to dtran1446@stu.d214.org with the event name and date of the event.

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Uniform Policy:

Wearing the correct uniform ALL DAY on uniform day is always required, and it does count towards your grades.


The Sailors' Creed

I am a United States Sailor. 
I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States of
America and I will obey the orders of those appointed over me. 
I represent the fighting spirit of the Navy and those who have gone 
before me to defend freedom and democracy around the world. 
I proudly serve my country's Navy combat team with Honor, Courage and 
I am committed to excellence and the fair treatment of all.

Unit Goals (as selected by the Cadet Staff)

1. Increase participation in community service and teams.

2. Increase the number of promotions.

3. Increase the unit size.

ACT Preparation Available FREE

The NJROTC has paid for a stand-alone program to help cadets with test-taking strategies for ACT/SAT and other standardized tests. There is no cost, but because the motivation for cadets to complete the course seems to be tied to guardian and instructor involvement, there is a notification letter for guardians and instructors will have access to cadet accounts. CADETS WHO COMPLETE THE PREP COURSE WILL EARN THE ACADEMIC RIBBON! Cadets can register for ACT or SAT (not both). We recommend ACT unless you're already taking ACT prep courses and you want to check out the SAT (used mostly by colleges on the East and West coasts). Register at http://jrotccollegeprep.com.

Scholarship Availability:  Scholarship Info available on Scholarship Page. See new info Dream USA Scholarship.


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