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Naval Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps (NJROTC)
    21 Nov 2020 
(date last updated)

NJROTC marksmanship practices are suspended until further notice.
Cadets can practice with the Arlington International Airgun Club on Wednesdays 1900 - 2100 (it is not an NJROTC or D214 event. 

In light of the concerns raised by the recent announcement of an NJROTC cadet being tested positive for COVID-19; NJROTC Staff, D214, and WHS are doing all they can to contact trace and take preventative measures to ensure no further spread. We ask that no one inquires about information on the cadet or their circumstances. The cadet was asymptomatic, had shown no prior signs of infection, and wore a mask for the duration of 11/11 in-person Night-Class. Until further notice all in-person unit activities are TBD.

For those looking to get tested, below is information on free drive-through testing, results take 3-7 days to arrive. If you plan to go to any of these sites to get tested be aware of long lines and limited testing capacity. The closest testing site is at Arlington International Racecourse, and you do not need to schedule an appointment. Cadets under 18 must go with a parent/legal guardian.


Letter to Cadet Cowart
In a recent unfortunate event, Cadet Cowart from a Florida NJROTC unit was shot in the back with a 22 pistol. While he is recovering in the time of COVID-19, we would like to send Cadet Cowart a letter wishing him the best and to raise his spirit. Below is a link for you to sign your name and add a short message. Your name and message will be put on the card that we will be sending him.

EVENTS ON THE HORIZON (See Unit Calendar for additional details) 

Events (chronological order)
Red=New Information/sign-up

Check your platoon assignments here

Night Class under HyFlex Next 3 night classes are Zoom. Next 'In-Person' on Dec 9 is TBD.

Uniform Fitting & Drill
16 Nov: Drill: HAS BEEN CANCELLED UNTIL FUTHER NOTICE, no more in person drill class time from 0800-0900. There will also be no fitting as well at this time. For those cadets that had their pants hemmed by me I will contact you in regards to getting them back.

PT Practice: PT practice will be held on Tues, Thursdays and Saturdays. By cadet request, practice on Tues will be 0800 - 0900. Practice on Thursday is the same time: 1545  - 1630. Saturday practices continue from 0900 - 1000. If you are a night class, you must attend one practice. If you miss drill, you must attend an additional PT practice. 

SAT/ACT Prep course:  The 'old' SAT/ACT prep course linked at the bottom of the page will be going away. Sign-up and use it while you can. The 'new' prep program is in conjunction with the College Options JLAB academic bowl. You must take the bowl practice test to then be given access to the Options College Prep material. You must take the practice test before Jan 31 (if you didn't take it with the NJROTC class).  Sign-in or Sign-up at http://cofcontests.com/

Cadet Mentorship Program
NS2-4s may sign-up to be paired with an NS1. By doing so, the upperclassman cadet will be a mentor for the NS1 to help, guide, and teach their peer. This is a great opportunity for cadets to gain leadership and mentorship experience. For any questions and interest, please contact Cadet Koblas at kkoblas1203@stu.d214.org.

This form is intended for JLAB score reports only. Please submit the required information and screenshots prior to class time. You are limited to one response, please check that the information your entered is correct. Contact Cadet Lovely at jlovely1241@stu.d214.org with questions, comments, or concerns.

The Unit Improvement survey is a way for cadets to reflect and respond to last year, while also thinking of new ideas for this year. It is a forum for cadets to voice their opinions. Current staff will listen to any response that you choose to give, so if you have something you didn’t like from last year or something you want to keep doing that you liked from last year please make it known. Please take your time to complete this survey.

 Chess Club Practice Every Monday at 1700
All levels of expertise encouraged to join! If you are interested, complete this Club sign up. LiChess (the platform used for playing) and Zoom link for Mondays will be sent via IC.
Meeting ID: 343 133 9742 
Password: 393849 

Advancements Testing

Below is a document to help cadets know what to study and where to study. 

Study Guide

PT Team Signup
For those cadets who aim to be physically active and healthy in general. This team is for you. 
Compete in competitions throughout the year (not this year probably) and join in outdoor and indoor activities and just have fun. 

Academic Team 

Do you have an interest for Jeopardy or Who Wants to be a Millionaire? Well, if you answered yes, then the academic team is the team for you. From self paced academic tests, based on naval science curriculum, to team based brain brawls, there is something for everyone. Take the first step and signup today! No experience necessary. All are welcome to join! For more information please contact C/PO1 Lovely at Jlovely1241@stu.d214.org.

Sign-Up Here!

Cyber Team Signup

All cadets who are interested in cyber security, networking, programming, or computers in general, this is the team for you. 

Sign Up

Drill Team

Drill Team is a unit team that practices military drill to compete in multiple competitions during the year. In addition to regulation drill, the team also has "sub-teams" for exhibition drill, which involves rifle spinning/maneuvers and step routines. Next practice is TBD. If interested in joining the team or have any questions, please email cadet B. Nguyen at bnguyen1222@stu.d214.org

Interest Form

Marksmanship Meeting:

Practices for marksmanship are held at  Christian Liberty Academy. Practices are on Thurs nights are in two sessions from 1730 (5:30pm) to 1900 (7pm) and 1900 to 2030 (8:30pm).  Saturday practices are held on Saturdays when not in conflict with other events. Saturday practices are 0830 - 1015 and (only if other practices are filled) 1015 to 1200.  Any cadet, including new cadets, may sign-up for any practice or the marksmanship team.  For further details, please contact D. Munteanu at dmunteanu1472@stu.d214.org

Marksmanship Sign Up Below

Sign Up

CNO & Commandant of Marine Corps Reading Lists
Every year the Chief of Naval Operations updates his recommended reading list of books that pertain to the Navy, Leadership or Global Affairs (or all three). The Commandant of the Marine Corps produces a similar list, only its not just recommended, he requires every Marine to choose a book on the list (Books are organized by the rank of the reader).  If you think you might apply for an NROTC or Naval Academy scholarship, you should try to read as many of the books on the CNO list as it will improve your chance of selection. If you are interested in becoming a marine, you should read books off the CMC Reading List. If you find a book that you feel would be good for the whole class to read, you can recommend it be selected as our NJROTC Summer Reading selection.

Navy Preparatory Program Scholarships (NPP/NPS) & NROTC INFO: NROTC
IIT has announced their NPP/NPS program. IT'S A GREAT DEAL! See the scholarship page for details.  

Sharing your photos
Send your photos to jlewnard1231@stu.d214.org with the event name and date of the event.

Check for this week's team practice times 
and the training plan for Wednesday night: 

Uniform Policy:

Wearing the correct uniform ALL DAY on uniform day is always required, and it does count towards your grades.


The Sailors' Creed

I am a United States Sailor. 
I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States of
America and I will obey the orders of those appointed over me. 
I represent the fighting spirit of the Navy and those who have gone before
me to defend freedom and democracy around the world. 
I proudly serve my country's Navy combat team with Honor, Courage and 
I am committed to excellence and the fair treatment of all.

Unit Goals (as selected by the Cadet Staff)

1. Increase average cadet unit participation to 20 hours.

2. Increase unit community outreach by 15%.

3. Improve retention by 5%.

ACT Preparation Available FREE

The NJROTC has paid for a stand-alone program to help cadets with test-taking strategies for ACT/SAT and other standardized tests. There is no cost, but because the motivation for cadets to complete the course seems to be tied to guardian and instructor involvement, there is a notification letter for guardians and instructors will have access to cadet accounts. CADETS WHO COMPLETE THE PREP COURSE WILL EARN THE ACADEMIC RIBBON! Cadets can register for ACT or SAT (not both). We recommend ACT unless you're already taking ACT prep courses and you want to check out the SAT (used mostly by colleges on the East and West coasts). Register at http://jrotccollegeprep.com.

Scholarship Availability:  Scholarship Info available on Scholarship Page. See new info Dream USA Scholarship.


Township High School District 214 NJROTC Participating Schools

Elk Grove HS | Rolling Meadows HS | John Hersey HS | Buffalo Grove HS | Prospect HS | Wheeling HS