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18 Mar 2019 

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Next Night-Class: 20th March
Bystander/Up-stander & Team building Activities

EVENTS ON THE HORIZON (See Unit Calendar for additional details) 
Christian Liberty Colorguard 03/22/19
Help USA Set-Up 04/01/19
Central Illinois High School Cyber Defense (CIHSCD) competition 04/5/19
SeaPerch competition 04/6/19
CAOC orienteering 04/07/19 
Help USA Sorting Event (04/06/19)
Help USA Packing Event (04/07/29)
Military Ball! 04/13/19

Four Star Leadership Camp with General Tommy Franks
All cadets (including seniors) can apply to attend the Four Star Leadership Camp for free July 14 - 19. Instructors can also nominate cadets. It appears to be highly regarded and an excellent bullet for your resume. But  it is highly competitive....only 40+ opportunties are provided nationally each year. Find out more information and apply through the following link. If you'd like a nomination from the instructors, you need to let them know AND have your 'brag sheet' up to date. 

Help USA Troops Campaign
On behalf of Help USA Troops, Amvets Post 66 will be collecting items needed for care packages that will be sent to troops serving overseas. Care Packages enhance the morale and well-being of the deployed troops worldwide by supplying items that aren't easily obtained in their areas; this includes items such as candy, gum, hygiene items, etc. To help toward this cause, the Wheeling NJROTC will be collecting items to use during the Help USA packing event. A full listed a needed items will be posted, and you can bring items that you wish to donate into night-class on the 20th of March; otherwise, items may be brought to the office at Amvets Post 66 (700 Mchenry Road, Wheeling, IL).

Help USA Set-Up (04/01/19)
The members of Amvets Post 66 will be collecting, sorting, and packaging care packages to send to deployed US troops. On the 1st of April, help is needed to set up tables and chairs for the sorting and packaging events on the 6th and 7th. Cadets will muster on Monday, April 1st at 1745 outside Amvets Post 66 (700 Mchenry Road, Wheeling, IL). Cadets must provide their own transportation to the event, which should take approximately an hour and a half. The UOD for the event will be the unit t-shirt, a pair of appropriate pants, and closed-toe shoes.

Help USA Sorting Event (04/06/19)
On the 6th of April, help is needed to sort donated items for the packing event on the 7th. Cadets will muster on Saturday, April 6th at 0945 outside Amvets Post 66 (700 Mchenry Road, Wheeling, IL). Cadets must provide their own transportation to the event, which should last until approxomatly 1500. The UOD for the event will be the unit t-shirt, a pair of appropriate pants, and closed-toe shoes.

Help USA Packing Event (04/07/19)
On the 7th of April, help is needed to package donated goods. Cadets will muster on Sunday, April 7th at 1045 outside Amvets Post 66 (700 Mchenry Road, Wheeling, IL). Cadets must provide their own transportation to the event, which will last until all boxes are packed. The UOD for the event will be the unit t-shirt, a pair of appropriate pants, and closed-toe shoes.

8th District Academy Nominations 
Congressman Krishnamoorthi (8th District) has announced he will host service academy information nights in April and again the fall. He also has infomation about requesting a nomination from his office on his website.

Aril 7th CAOC orienteering 
on April 7th, Cadets will have the opportunity to participate in a Chicago area orienteering event, there cadets will choose between three course, white, yellow, and orange. White is the easiest mostly defined paths, to orange being few trails and more wilderness paths. Cadets will muster at Wheeling High School at the back entrance (where the buses drop cadets off for night class) at 0830 Cadets then will be transported to Raceway Woods Forest Preserve. At 0930 there is a beginners clinic that CAOC will be conducting. The event starts at 1000. Cadets should return to Wheeling by 1400 at the latest.
Cadets may also have an opportunity to for fast food on the way back to WHS. 

Military Ball Signup
The Military Ball is a yearly event that the Unit hosts at Atlantis Banquets. It is formal yet fun, with an atmosphere unique compared to other high school dances. It will be occurring on April 13th, from 6:30 PM to 10:00 PM at Atlantis Banquets. (1273 N Rand Rd, Arlington Heights, IL 60004). Tickets will be sold during nightclass for $15 a Cadet with a deadline set for April 3rd. (Afterwords, the price increases to $20). Non NJROTC guests may be brought, but a ticket must be purchased for them aswell. 
There are regulations to how Males and Females are to dress, the presentation below goes over the expectations.

Military Ball Court Sign-Up
Signing up shows that you would like to be in your grade's military ball court, you CANNOT nominate others

Millitary Ball Song Requests
Please request APPROPRIATE songs to be played at Military Ball.
Not every song will be played, but we will attempt to play a variety.

Christian Liberty Academy Color Guard
On March 22nd there will be a color guard opportunity for an annual fundraiser in Christian Liberty Academy(502 Euclid Ave, Arlington Heights, IL 60004) Muster time is 1900, UOD is NSU, transportation is NOT provided although chow will. Cadets may leave after the color guard is done or may stay for the entire event. Five cadets are needed and if you are interested contact DeRidder(deridderellie@gmail.com) or Tjhang (ctjhang9604@stu.d214.org or 773-494-1468)

Marksmanship Wed practices resume! New shooters welcome.
 During our 'off-season' practices, cadets will be driven form WHS (on class nights) to Christian Liberty Academy (CLA) for practice with the Arlington International Airgun Club (AIAC) at 1840 (6:40pm). Parents must pick up cadets at 2100 (9pm) from CLA, 502 Euclid Ave, Arlington Heights) or at WHS around 2130.  This is open to returning team members AND cadets who have never shot before. ALL cadets must sign-up in advance (see marksmanship team webpage).  Note: this is NOT an NJROTC practice and NJROTC instructors may not be present, but it is an excellent opportunity to learn from outstanding AIAC coaches. Cadets do NOT have to have taken the Safety Quiz and Pledge before shooting with AIAC....but MUST pass the quiz by 100% before participating in NJROTC marksmanship events. There is a $2 charge for ammunition and targets. The 'regular' NJROTC practice will start again in the spring to prepare for summer marksmanship camps. 

Illinois Boys State, Girls State, Youth Police Academy
These excellent opportunities in June are available to cadets at no cost! They are great leadership/team building endeavors and look great on college and job applications. See the Summer Activities page for links to program. 

District-wide Scholarships
See the scholarship page for a list of District-wide scholarships.

Navy League Scholarships
Glenview Council of Navy League will interview applicants 1715 at the Glenview Historical Society on 4 April (Thursday). Applicants can also ride with LCDR Morse from WHS at 1615. 
A brief 'narrative' is required. Applicants must let LCDR Morse know so he can prepare complete the application process. Procedures for applying. 

*New* Master Promotion Tracker
On the sheet, you will be able to see if you have an updated checklist, and when you can take your next promotion test. This sheet will be updated as frequently as possible (especially after awards/testing days);however, if you notice any errors in the sheet, please contact the Training Officer (C/ENS Alan Kuhl, akuhl9243@stu.d214.org ).

US Naval Academy Summer Programs.
Application for the summer STEM programs and the Summer Seminar are now open. If you are interested in attending ANY academy, you should be applying to the summer programs at ALL academies. (Pick the school you want to attend first, but accept any and all offers to attend a summer program).
USNA's STEM sessions for incoming 9th is June 3-8, 10th June 10 - 15, and 11th June 17-21. For incoming seniors, there are three week-long seminars starting Jun 1, 8 and 15th. 
Go to USNA webpage for more information and applications.

Wisconsin Trip Note itinerary change...no water park but simulators at Ft McCoy!
We did not have enough cadets place deposits for the San Diego trip. Instead we will on a trip through Wisconsin. We currently plan to leave on Saturday and return Tuesday or Wednesday of Spring Break (Mar 23 - Mar 26/27). We will see the USS Cobia, Wisc Maritime Museum, Barlow Planetarium, EAA Oshkosh Air Museum, 115th Fighter Wing, Cave of the Mounds, Ft McCoy (including firearms and vehicle simulators). 23 cadets have paid, another 25 have indicated they want to go. Those who have paid are confirmed, the remaining seats will be given to QUALIFIED cadets on first pay, first serve basis.  Qualified cadets must have passing grades, demonstrate they can adhere to grooming standards, and attend the Pass-in Review on 13 Feb. We do need 2 or 3 female chaperons.
Details are on the signup form.  

CNO & Commandant of Marine Corps Reading Lists
Every year the Chief of Naval Operations updates his recommended reading list of books that pertain to the Navy, Leadership or Global Affairs (or all three). The Commandant of the Marine Corps produces a similar list, only its not just recommended, he requires every Marine to choose a book on the list (Books are organized by rank of the reader).  If you think you might apply for an NROTC or Naval Academy scholarship, you should try to read as many of the books on the CNO list as it will improve your chance of selection. If you are interested in becomming a marine, you should read books off the CMC Reading List. If you find a book that you feel would be good for the whole class to read, you can recommend it be selected as our NJROTC Summer Reading selection.

Computer Programming Team
 In this team, cadets will have the opportunity to learn how computers work, how to build apps, servers, networking, and much more. In addition, cadets are able to improve their leadership skills by learning how to properly plan projects, work in a team, gain confidence, as well as an opportunity to lead a group. Any cadet interested in pursuing a field in computers or electronics is highly encouraged to sign up for this team. No experience is necessary, all are welcome. Contact c/SN Tran for more details. Next meeting is 1600 at WHS is TBD.

Sea Perch Team
A new idealized team! SeaPerch: Where you can learn leadership, engineering,  electronics, and mechanics, as we build and compete with underwater drones! Please complete this interest survey ASAP. No experience is necessary, all are welcomeContact c/PO1 McCombs for more information.

Marksmanship Team 
The marksmanship team will begin its off-season schedule in November.
Cyber Patriot Team 18-19 Signup
 Contact C/LT Manfredi (dmanfredi9333@stu.d214.org) with any questions.

Sharing your photos
Send your photos to dtran1446@stu.d214.org with the event name and date of the event.

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Uniform Policy:

Wearing the correct uniform ALL DAY on uniform day is always required, and it does count towards your grades.


The Sailors' Creed

I am a United States Sailor. 
I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States of
America and I will obey the orders of those appointed over me. 
I represent the fighting spirit of the Navy and those who have gone 
before me to defend freedom and democracy around the world. 
I proudly serve my country's Navy combat team with Honor, Courage and 
I am committed to excellence and the fair treatment of all.

Unit Goals (as selected by the Cadet Staff)

1. Increase participation in community service and teams.

2. Increase the number of promotions.

3. Increase the unit size.

ACT Preparation Available FREE

The NJROTC has paid for a stand-alone program to help cadets with test-taking strategies for ACT/SAT and other standardized tests. There is no cost, but because the motivation for cadets to complete the course seems to be tied to guardian and instructor involvement, there is a notification letter for guardians and instructors will have access to cadet accounts. CADETS WHO COMPLETE THE PREP COURSE WILL EARN THE ACADEMIC RIBBON! Cadets can register for ACT or SAT (not both). We recommend ACT unless you're already taking ACT prep courses and you want to check out the SAT (used mostly by colleges on the East and West coasts). Register at http://jrotccollegeprep.com.

Scholarship Availability:  Scholarship Info available on Scholarship Page. See new info Dream USA Scholarship.


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