"One of the most amazing things that I have observed in flamenco is the range of its participants. It does not discriminate by age, size or
body type, but embraces our beautiful differences. It's about being proud of who you are and showing it off. Through flamenco, I am
dedicated to inspiring people to move, release and feel empowered." ~Julianna~

Dance Classes offered by Julianna
"As a teacher  Julianna provides students with a solid foundation in flamenco's rules and techniques, emphasizing posture, footwork, rhythmic patterns, and the relationship between music and dancer. Most importantly, she provides students with a safe space to express their uniqueness. Previous students of Julianna's have described her class as fun, inspiring, informative, energetic, and transformative."
For registration and specific class times please contact Julianna: or 208-724-9608

Beginner Flamenco 
Wednesdays at 7pm starting March 5th 2013 at Starbelly Studio

This class is for ultimate beginners and my goal is to give students a strong understanding of basic flamenco movements and techniques. 

We will work in different rhythmic patterns (compas) and hand clapping (palmas) as well as technique like body posture (cuerpo),

arm and hand movement (braceo y floreo), and footwork (taconeo).


 “Level II Flamenco

Tuesdays at 7:15 at Carpe Danza Studio
This is an intermediate level, invite-only class and is for students with 3 or more years experience with flamenco.
My goal is to provide students with a solid foundation of the flamenco rules and techniques.  
We will work with different rhythmic patterns (compas), dance styles (palos) and their meanings and the communication that goes on between dancer, singer and guitarist. We will also work on technique like body posture (cuerpo), arm and hand movement (braceo y floreo), footwork (taconeo), hand clapping (palmas) and style and expression (estilo y aire).  
This will provide students with a strong base in which they can create their own choreography.

“All Level Technique Flamenco 
This class is to build endurance and drill techniques that are used in choreography.


Carpe Danza Studio

1187 River Street, Boise


Starbelly School of Dance

1524 Vista Avenue, Boise

Class Information:

Classes are set up in 12 week sessions 

(Fall, Winter, Spring & Summer)

If you are interested in starting class between those times please contact me!

Classes are one hour and are $50 a month or $125 for the session 

Private lessons are available 


Required attire for class includes:

Ladies – comfortable top, tights or dance pants, a full skirt

and heeled shoes (flamenco, character or dress shoe with a strong, wide heel)

Gentlemen – comfortable shirt, slacks and heeled shoes or boots.

Please contact me for any questions
Julianna - 208.724.9608
Idaho Flamenco