Those Dealing with Violence

A statement for anyone dealing with violence.
Although Al-Anon does not tell us what course of action we should take, our Al-Anon program literature tells us that NO ONE has to accept violence and NO ONE deserves abuse of any nature, no matter what seems to trigger it. Just as we do not cause, can not control, and can not cure another person’s alcoholism or drinking problem, so too we do not cause another person’s violent or threatening behavior. People facing potential or actual violence also face difficult decisions. Al-Anon does not provide advice about how these decisions should be made, or what we should do. Al-Anon encourages us to believe that we deserve to be treated well, and to take whatever action we feel we must take to be safe and to keep our children and family members safe. The Al-Anon process of awareness, acceptance and action can help us to make choices for ourselves that we can live with and be safe with, but the Al-Anon process unfolds over time. Al-Anon’s concern is to provide our members with the opportunity to gain sufficient personal recovery to enable them to make clear, well-thought-out decisions about their lives. All of us deserve to be safe throughout this process. Al-Anon encourages members to tap other resources that will help them be safe and keep their children and family members safe. This is perfectly compatible with the Al-Anon program, and is stated repeatedly in Al-Anon conference-approved literature. 

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