Service Opportunities

District 16 is always looking for folks to volunteer for service opportunities.

District 16 Service Positions Available for the 2018-2020 Panel

The service positions available for the 2018-2020 panel are listed below. For the ‘Suggested Duties’ and ‘Prerequisites’ for each Service Position, click on the position below. If you have questions, ask your Group Rep, or come to the District 16 October Business Meeting on Oct 3, 2017 at 7pm (St Clare's Episcopal Church in Pleasanton).

Service Positions Available

District Representative (DR)

Alternate DR

District Secretary

District Treasurer

Alateen Coordinator

Alateen Process Person (DAPP) Coordinator

Answering Service Coordinator

Monthly Speaker Meeting Coordinator

Monthly Speaker Recording Coordinator

Website Coordinator

Literature Coordinator

Institutions Coordinator

Elections will take place at the District 16 November Business Meeting, November 7th, 2017 from 7 – 9PM. All members interested in any of the positions listed above should plan to attend this meeting or submit a proxy.


“Al-Anon service is gratitude in action”.  When I Got Busy, I Got Better, pg. 2