Speaker Recordings

Note:  All speakers are individual members of the program who voluntarily share their own experience in Al-Anon and how they've gained strength and hope by participating in Al-Anon. For more official Al-Anon recordings and videos, refer to the Al-Anon Family Groups Media Center.

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What file do I get? 

  • If you want to start listening to the speaker immediately on a computer, phone, tablet or in your car then click the MP3 File. In most cases the file will begin to play
  • If you want to add the speaker to your iTunes library or similar audio management software OR you want to burn the files to play from a CD, then click the ZIP file to download it.

What is an MP3 file or a ZIP file?

  • MP3 File - An MP3 file is an audio file format for consumer audio streaming or storage. This is the most common type of audio file that will play on virtually any device that plays digital audio files.  See this Wikipedia page for more information
  • ZIP File - A ZIP File contains one or more files or folders.  For instance, the ZIP Files contain individual 5 minute audio tracks of the speaker. Instead of having one long file of a speaker, the 5 minute tracks allow the listener to easily jump to different parts of the audio file.  This is especially useful if you are listening to the speaker on a CD or you just want to jump around quickly listen to different parts of the recording.  See this Wikipedia page for more information.    

All speakers listed have given permission to post files of them speaking unless otherwise noted. 
If you have any questions about this, please send us an email.