The District 112 Foundation knows the difference teachers make in the lives of students. It believes that excellence in teaching should be acknowledged and recognized. Our local business community also realizes how important teachers are to excellent schools, and the impact excellent schools have on the community.  Several generous business partners have joined forces with the Foundation to support the Eastern Carver County Schools Teacher of the Year Award.

See how Chaska Middle School West is using their 112 Foundation Grant funds!

Thank you to those who gave so generously on Give to the Max Day!!! 


Last year the Foundation awarded $12,384  in grants to increase options for classroom teachers and their students.  However, there were $50,727 worth of requests.The 2015-16 Grants were awarded for 3D Printer, Browser Bin Carts for picture books, Collaboration Learning station, Visual Presenter, Creation Stations and MORE!  These grants helped our classrooms support the District's mission of Personalized Learning for all students.

Your Donation will allow the District 112 Foundation to maintain or increase its level of support for students.

Thank you to the students at Chaska Middle School West for creating this video to demonstrate how vital your giving to the District 112 Foundation is to the students of Eastern Carver County Schools:   https://youtu.be/oOQsroBoYCQ

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The District 112 Foundation is an independent organization supporting excellence and innovation in education.  The Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  All gifts are tax-deductible as limited by law. 


District 112 Foundation's Mission
Our mission is to advance innovation and excellence in education in District 112 schools. Since 1986, the non-profit District 112 Foundation has awarded more than $150,000 to creative, committed educators seeking funds for programs dedicated to raising student achievement levels in grades K-12

Thank You
As always, we thank every Foundation contributor. Your financial support helps build a bridge between our community and our schools. It helps District 112 attract and retain talented teachers. It loudly proclaims that our community encourages positive relationships between itself and our educators. Most importantly, it helps our young people prepare for their futures.